2011 Sony Oled Tv Review

Introduction : Sony Oled TV fans can see a new Sony OLED TV at CES 2011. It’s a 24.5? model, glasses free 3D. While there are different opinions on 3D TV, we can probably all agree that it’s still a great picture and that no-one will be getting one anytime soon. Electronics have thus far centered on silicon, but recent years have seen big advances in the use of organic substances to produce components that process electrical signals. These substances are inexpensive and can even be printed to produce such things as smart labels for yogurt containers. The launch of a new masters program underscores the significance of this up-and-coming technology.Displays made of organic light-emitting diodes — also known as OLEDs — are now finding more and more uses. Whereas these flat screens were initially limited to the displays of certain cell phones and car radios, they are now making inroads into the TV market as well. Indeed, TV manufacturers have already unveiled OLED monitors with a diagonal of over 30 inches.

Features and Price Rang of Sony Oled TV :

This is the first Oled Tv i have ever seen. Oled called as Organic Light Emitting Diode. This is excellently true bright in colour. You can use memory card slot in this to watch your pictures and the style is magnificent, amazing.

Sony’s OLED TV, model number XEL-1, an impressively thin TV of just 3 mm that is available only via the company’s retail stores at a relatively-high price of $2,499 which explains the fact that it’s using one of the latest and advanced display technologies but, though, it measures only 11 inches in diagonal.

The Organic Light Emitting Diode technology allows for a faster response time, wider viewing angles, almost perfect color reproduction, high contrast ratio and outstanding brightness, permitting designers to create extremely thin and light TV panels.
From the two types of OLED, small molecule and polymer, Sony has chosen to use the small type to increase the monitor’s life, and it developed the Organic Thin Film Transistor that can be easily deposited on a flexible plastic display to deliver the world’s first full-color display capable of projecting full-color moving images even when the display is bent.

The OLED’s high contrast is accomplished by turning off pixels when reproducing black and in our case we have an impressive 1,000,000:1 ratio, and yes, I wrote correct.
To sustain it, I will tell you that the technology that contributes to the exceptional color fidelity is Sony’s Super Top Emission meant to achieve 105% of the NTSC color space, with the help of a special micro-cavity and color filters.

Sony OLED TV has a viewing angle of 178 degrees both on horizontal and vertical, 16:9 wide aspect ratio, 960 x 540 pixel native resolution, and the following key elements: comb filter, light sensor, noise reduction, picture adjustment settings, two 2W speakers built-in, S-Force Surround, digital amplifier, sound booster, Dolby Digital AC3, MTC stereo decoder, Memory Stick PRO media slot, and HDMI connectivity.

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