Mobile Banking | Money Transfer from Your Fingertips

Mobile Banking Apps

It was felt comfortable when we had banking facilities to transfer or send money to your relatives, friends or on business. Now, it is getting more comfortable through mobile banking to sit comfortable at home and can transfer money to any concerned person in less than half a second from your cell phone. Mobile Banking […]

Best Beauty Tips for for all Ages | 20 to 50 Plus

Health and Beauty Tips

Here are the best beauty tips for the most longing question of ladies who wants to carry the beauty of their 20s at their age of 40 and who wish to look 40 when they are in their 60s. Looking young mostly lies in taking care of your skin and hair. If you take care […]

Tax Exemption Investments and Expenses List

Tax Relief Investment and Expenses

There are certain investments and expenditures those have exemptions from paying tax. Here is the list of both investments and expenses that comes under this policy. Follow the list given to save on your tax and get relief from the investments and expenses that you make. Which Investments have got Tax Exemption? Employees Provident Fund […]

Tax Planning | Plan Properly and Save on Your Tax

Advice on Tax Savings

Tax Planning Tips with Expert’s Advice Most of us would spend time and think to save the tax only during the last 3 months. There are people who would end up bad investment plans to save tax as they plan things out in hurry during the last months. To avoid these negatives it is better […]

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Income Yielding Techniques

High Profit from Systematic Investment Plans

The first benefit of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is that the risks involved in your investments are being reduced. Other than that when you are investing directly into shares in the share market, an ordinary investor can only able to buy shares of only a few companies. Whereas investing through mutual funds enables you to […]

Which is the Right Time to Sell Mutual Fund Units?

When | How to Sell Mutual Funds?

Most of us know when to invest in mutual funds and in which scheme to invest in as well. What is most critical question that we have is when to sell the mutual fund units? How to decide the right time to sell the funds? Expected Profit If you have acquired 15% to 20% profit […]

Job Opportunities in Marine Engineering | Career Advice

Career in Marine Engineering

In the world almost 90% of the cargo transportation is being carried out only through sea. Raw materials, finished goods and every other cargo are being transported to different nations via sea route. Those who have completed marine engineering course can look for jobs in the fields like ship management, harbor assignments, power plant etc. […]