How to Successfully Close a Deal | Real Estate

Buy a House or Property Successfully

In this fast moving lifestyle, no one has got enough time to sit and enquire all the details of the land or house that you are going purchase. However, it is good if you know some basics which will assure you the trust on the land or property that you are going to buy. Also, […]

How to Use Credit Card Wisely | Understanding Credit Card

Most of the credit card holders doesn’t know how to use credit card properly. There are a lot of people among us who run away seeing credit cards fearing that it will spoil them by making them spendthrift. The reality is that credit card is neither a curse nor a money pouring machine but it […]

Personal Loan Problems | High Risk Personal Loans

Problems of High Risk Personal Loans

Recently, many use to get invitations either through calls or SMS that they are offering personal loans up to Rs. 15 Lakhs without any guarantee. While it isn’t possible to give a personal loan without guarantee even for Rs. 50,000; how come such a huge amount without any guarantee? Here is where the personal loan […]

How to Do Pedicure At Home | Beauty Tips

Learn How to Do Pedicure at Home

Learn how to do pedicure at home itself, as it is good to avoid doing pedicures from beauty parlour for one important reason. At the beauty parlor they use metal scrubber and metal items to beautify your nails. The problem is if you are a diabetic person, you need to be careful while using sharp […]

Education Loan | No Guarantee Required

Guarantee for Education Loan

No guarantee is required if the education loan amount is 4 lakhs or lesser than that. In today’s situation, most of the courses will be requiring a loan not more than this amount so parents who are needing an educational loan don’t have to worry about guarantee. Education Loan Guarantee If the loan amount goes […]

How to Get Education Loan | Bank and Procedures

Procedures | How to Get Education Loan

Before selecting the college, all you will be worried about is a job oriented course and then the college expenses. If one hasn’t prepared for the educational expenses, the only solution to look forward is education loan. How to get an education loan? What are the eligibilities and requirements for an education loan? How to […]

Education Loan Rules | Requirements and Eligibility

Eligibility for Education Loan

The education loan requirements are far more simpler than earlier. The Indian government has ordered all the banks to issue education loans for all eligible candidates. Students from poor families and below the poverty line, everyone will get education loans based on the marks that they have secured. Education Loan Requirements Education loans will be […]

Health Insurance Even at Age 65 | Insurance Regulations

Health Insurance Policy for Elder persons

Age should not be a constrain to take health insurance policy for medical benefits. Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) has recently stepped in to bring out life insurance policies in a profitable way and is coming out with new structures & changes. Earlier, it has made intensive changes like increasing the coverage in u-lip policies, […]

Health and Fitness Tips for Age 40 Plus | Women Special

Health and Beauty Tips for 40 Plus Women

Forties – the age where you’ve reached about half of your lifetime. Women have to really take care of their external and internal health at this stage which is post-youth and pre-elderly period. All these health and fitness tips for age 40 plus will definitely help women to stay fit and young. Health & Fitness […]

Accident Insurance | Excellent Policy in Just 60 Rupees

Accident Coverage and Insurance Policy

It has become daily news to see in the news papers about road accidents every day. When these types of unexpected situation arise, the challenges to be met out and money related economical problems are quite a big which is a real pain. The only solution for this is to have an individual accident insurance […]