5 Easy and Smart Ways to Stay Slim and Healthy

Smart Ways to Stay Slim and Healthy

Staying slim and healthy is not a herculean task to achieve. It is as simple as you eat your meal. Cutting down wrong food habits, simple workouts and always having control on eating make your body remains fit and healthy. Here are the 5 easy and smart ways to stay slim and healthy. Never Skip […]

Why Drinking Green Tea Is Good For Health

Why Drinking Green Tea

Healthy Green Tea- Camellia Sinensis (Biological name of tea plant) Green tea is made from leaves that have undergone minimum oxidation during processing. It has been originated from the Asian country, China. Green tea is a protective shield against many common diseases. Regular green tea drinkers have lower risk of developing heart disease and some […]

Disadvantages of Over Exercising | How it affects your Body

Over Exercise - Disadvantages

“Too much of anything is good for nothing” Exercising is the one best thing which not only benefits for fitness and weight loss but also for overall physical health. It actively involves in enabling total body function and promotes disease-free healthy living. Daily exercising is very much needed to care your body whatsoever busy schedule […]

Comparison of Specifications |Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Comparison of iphone and Samsung

Stunning features of two top flagging high-end phones (iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4) in the digital smart phone market are reviewed below. Comparison of Specifications – iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4. Comparative features of 2 fabulous phones are listed to give clear idea to buy your desired one. Operating System: Galaxy S4 comes […]