3 Best Eating Disorders Treatment

Eating disorders – treatment involves both mentally and physically. There is no common treatment for this eating disorder since it varies according to individual’s physical and mental conditions. This disorder is widely observed in women than men. There are three popular types of eating disorders as follows:

what are the Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating Disorders Treatment

Compulsive Eating Disorder

This is otherwise called as overeating disorder since people having this order cannot stop themselves from eating. The urge towards eating will dominate them even if they want to control their eating habit. This is a very dangerous disorder which has to be treated immediately which would cause severe effect if left uncared.

Bulimia Nervosa

This is a kind of disorder where the victims routinely ‘binge’ or consume large amount of food in a short period of time and soon indulge in vomiting by self-inducing. This is another serious disorder which may result in heart damage, kidney damage, damage in digestive system etc.

Binge Eating

This disorder will force the victim to take large amount of food even when they are not hungry leading to obesity.


There are many treatments available like

  • Medical care
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Nutrition education

MEDICAL CARE:  The medical complications that arise due to eating disorders would be heart disease, depression, seizers, dental damage, kidney damage etc., which has to be taken care by the doctors and should not involve self-treatment

THERAPY: There are many therapies like art therapy, group therapy, family therapy, individual therapy etc.

  • Art Therapy: Eating disorders sometimes bring inability to identify and distinguish ones thought and feelings. In those case, the victim shall try to express themselves through art which is a non-verbal one
  • Group Therapy: In this therapy many patients share their pains and experiences among each other under the guidance of their therapist. By doing so the victim will avoid being conscious of being lonely
  • Family Therapy: Researches have proved that the family support is very much essential for the teens affected by eating disorders. Therefore, in this therapy the victim will be made to sit with their family and discuss their problem under the presence of objective therapists.
  • Individual Therapy: Though recovery can be made from friends, family and group therapy it is very much essential that one find their own problem by obtaining the feedback from their own therapists.


  • Stay Away From Diet: Eat when you are hungry and stop when you don’t want to. Instead of focusing on what you do not have to eat, focus on foods that give you satisfaction and at the same time nutrition.
  • Have a Regular Schedule: Instead of skipping meals and putting yourselves to starve, try taking meals at regular intervals. When you starve yourself the more you want to eat. Hence it is better to eat regular than nothing.
  • Avoid Forcing Yourself: If you want to forbid any unhealthy food, don’t treat it as your enemies instead try having it at least once or twice a month just like a self-appreciation which will make you feel confident.

Though there are many eating disorders treatment available, it is important that one should keep the following in their mind. This eating disorder is popular among the present generation and especially among women.  The reason why this eating disorders affecting women than men are the reasons like fashion magazines, present-day society’s thirst for thinness, being pessimistic towards their own body, unrealistic idea of beauty and so on. So first, one has to be confident about them. Above all it is very essential to stay confident than any other else.

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