5 Best Tips to Prepare for IBPS Exam

IBPS exams are the best trail for the candidates who are interested to excel in the public sector banks. The exam has total of five sections as follows:

Smart Ways to Prepare for IBPS Exam

  • Numerical ability
  • Reasoning
  • English language
  • Computer knowledge
  • General awareness

Each section is important to judge the ability of the candidates. The difficulty level of questions asked and on basis of marks, the cut off for each section is decided

Top Tips for IBPS Preparation

Each section has mixture of question types some of the mixtures under each section being

Numerical Ability: These questions need background practice. Candidates engaged in the preparation of practice can excel in the field of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, tables, roots, ratios, percentage’s calculation, calculating time, calculating profit loss etc., which are the most important elements in the banking sector.

Reasoning: This section determines the candidate’s observation skills like simple reasoning, analyzing a problem, to view a problem in different angles and keen observation. The questions can be of analogy, classification, blood relations, coding & de-coding, series, directions, seating arrangements etc.

English Language: The questions can be on synonyms, antonyms, phrases, jumbled words, filling the blanks, spotting the errors, tenses, parts of speech, active – passive voice, direct and indirect speech, prepositions, articles, degrees of comparison.

Computer Knowledge: Computer literacy is important qualification for candidates to be eligible. The questions can be from generations of computers, operating system, languages, database management system, hardware components latest trends etc.

General Awareness: This section shows how for a candidate is focused to general knowledge. In this vein questions can be on banks latest policies, important events, places, sports, winners, awards, foreign engagements etc.

There are a number of book materials available both in market as well as in web portals that can guide the students making them understand about the types of questions that can be appeared by putting all types of flavors together for a marvelous outcome. These books have exercise chapters designed to suit the candidates’ needs in order to brush their capabilities.

There are also study materials in colours that can fallaciously attract you in markets so be careful in choosing them to travel in right path.

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