5 Tips to Stay Cool and Fresh in Summer

Summer body care is must for all as it is a season of heat and sultry weather. Firing sun will make you dark and you will get troubled skin and health problems. To tackle with sun during summers you need to take up special care to be free from summer diseases. Here are easy ways to stay cool in summer.

Stay Cool and Fresh in Summer

Cool Tip #1: Wear Sunscreens

Be sure you apply sunscreen during day and every time you wear on your shoes. Wear a thick coat of sunscreen on all skin exposed areas. Hot sun damages your skin in many ways if not protected. Use special sun screen lotions with high number of SPF factor and which has UV protection factor. Sunscreen lotions forms protective layer on your skin and prevents harmful effects of UV. SPF factor of 30+ is suggested by sun care experts during summer to put you off of sun damaged skin. Dark people can even increase their SPF factor numbers for better protection from sun.

Cool Tip #2: Skin Soothing Home packs

Treat your skin with simple and quick home packs every day to keep skin refreshed.  Fruits facials can be made with a seasonal fruits and vegetable juices can also be used for home packs. 10 minute pack at home will do more benefits in maintaining skin healthy during summers. Rose water can be applied to face and skin to smell good and it keep skin clean and clear.

Cool Tip #3: Take Plenty of Summer Drinks

To cool your body drinks more summer drinks. Lemonade, buttermilk, water boiled with fenugreek seeds, tender coconut water, and other cooling property filled drinks. It is better to avoiding drinking cold water and carbonated cool drinks. Coolness present in them will make you feel chill only at the moment and cause bad health effects after consuming. Sipping summer drinks frequently will keep your body hydrated and refreshes energy levels.

Cool Tip #4: Go Fruity

Fruits and fruit juices will give you coolness to your body. Fruit juices can also be taken by with real honey. Cut down on sugars in your diet as it leads to weight gain. More seasonal fruits like mangoes, sapota, grapes, papaya and different banana types are available. Taking any one summer fruits as breakfast routinely will be very nutritional and also to best to beat off summer heat. It keeps your body cool and healthy.

Cool Tip #5: Get Your Accessories Right

Go for summer shopping and loot things that necessarily needed to hit summer hotness. Buy hats or caps, umbrellas, soft hand kerchiefs, sandals that cover your feet and few cotton clothes. Prefer using cotton dresses that helps in absorbing sweat and keeps you cool. Avoid using black colored dresses as it absorbs more heat to the body. Make comfortable dressing preferably little loose so that you will be free.

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