6 Top Uses of Vinegar in Everyday Life

Vinegar is the eco-friendly liquid which has many benefits. Bottle of vinegar in your pantry helps you lot to manage your day to day things more neatly. This natural acidic vinegar is the best liquid to take care of you and your home atmosphere. Always use or intake diluted vinegar as it is more acidic in nature. Here are the 6 Top Uses of Vinegar in Everyday Life.

Benefits of Vinegar

Top Uses of Vinegar #1: Clears Dandruff

Acidic solution vinegar is one of the best home treatments for treating dandruff prone hair. Wash your hair with diluted vinegar liquid after shampooing. It gives best results in controlling dandruff flakes and also itchy scalp problem. Rinse your hair well after vinegar treatment.

Top Uses of Vinegar #2: Keeps Flowers Fresh

Usually flowers remain bloomed for short time after cutting it. Here is one green way to keep your flower-vase fresh for long time. Fill the flower vase with diluted vinegar and arrange flowers in it. Stems of the flowers should remain in vinegar liquefied water. Flowers stay bright and fresh for more time.

Top Uses of Vinegar #3: Treats sinus and Cold Infections

Steam your face by adding few drops of vinegar solution into the hot water. It quickly fixes cold infections and also congested nasal blockages. Sinus problem will also get cured of steaming face of mixing little vinegar to the water. To soothe the sore or infected throat sip little vinegar by diluting with water.

Top Uses of Vinegar #4: Fixes Digestive Disorders

Vinegar solution readily cures stomach upsets and other indigestion problems. Heart burns can also get relieved sooner of taking in few spoons of apple cider vinegar. Honey mixed with little apple cider vinegar heals stomach ulcers and cuts down frequent appetites.

Top Uses of Vinegar #5: Prevents Vaginal Infections

Vaginal infections such as itchiness and bumps caused due to excessive yeast formation. To balance Ph of vagina treat vagina with the vinegar mixed with warm water. Clean vagina with this water and wipe away the yeast infections. Keep your vagina clean and healthy.

Top Uses of Vinegar #6: Excellent Stain Remover

High acidic nature of vinegar can also be used for all purpose of removing stains. It eliminates stains on the floor, fabrics, tiles etc. Even it clears off greasy stains and all other stains by simply coating the stained part with non-diluted vinegar. Even it removes toughest stains. It also wipes of bad odor causing bacteria.

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