7 Best Tips for Air Travel | Packing Tips

Travelling long is a pleasurable experience for most of us. Though, there are different modes of transport available most middle class people dream choice is air travel, once in their lifetime. It is pretty possible in current time as air fares within the country seems to be reasonable and affordable even it is easy to offer by the budgetary family. Make your air journey memorable and easier with the tips followed down.

Best Tips for Air Travel | Packing Tips

Set Yourself Ready with socks

Wear comfortable socks, which is especially available for flight travel. It will not only to keep yourself warm but also helps to improve your blood flow and keeps off veins and nerves issues. Socks that you wear for air travel should not be too tight or loose and also keep your shoes on.

Carry Few Chamomile Tea Bags

Drinking chamomile tea during on-board travel will help your body in so many ways. Try to carry your own cups. Ask for cup of hot water and brew the chamomile tea bags that you carry.  Herbal essence valued chamomile tea soothes your mind and body and puts you in good jitter-free sleep.

Cut down Caffeine and Alcohol

It is better to drop caffeine and alcohol in air travel. On-board travel will be dry enough atmosphere. Drinking alcohol and other caffeinated drinks completely dehydrates your body and even more. Sip warm water often to remain hydrates in air travelling.

Keep Nose and Ears Clear

Ensure your nose and ears are clear before your flight travel. If not, try decongestant solutions as directed by physicians to set it right in advance. Keeping your nose and ears clear will lay off painful pressure sensation, which usually produces in on-board travelling.

Yawn During Takeoff- and Land-on

Yawn well exactly on take-off and lay-off time. During take-off and land-off pressure may be very high. To balance the pressure you yawn and keep the pressure off. Yawning will equalize the pressure in your middle ear and set you alright.

Walk Around When You are in On-board  

Your co-travelers may look you different when you move around. It does not matter. Simply stretch arms, hands, legs, rotate neck, and adjust yourself often in your seat. Doing so will take away body stiffness while on air travelling.

Be on Time to the Board

Stay in airport well in advance depending on your on-board timing. Ensure multiple times about the luggage and baggage you carry and check that all your needs are packed well. Prepare with the check list of things to taken by your home mates and arrange them well.

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