Baby Care Tips for Moms

  1. Baby Teething Fever – Swollen gums, fever and cranky behavior can be some signs that your baby is suffering from teething fever. Studies have revealed that teething is one of the major cause of ear infection in infants. Rubbing ice or frozen cloths on swollen gums will provide some relief to the baby.
  2. Chicken Pox in Babies–As the bodies of infants aren’t developed enough to fight diseases that makes them vulnerable to some life taking diseases. Chicken Pox, occurs due to varicella zoster virus, is one of such deadly diseases. Tiny red marks can be seen on the body of infected child. Vaccination at the age of 12-15 months is mandatory.
  3. Cold in Babies – Risk of your baby catching a cold is quite high as babies are always surrounded by people. It’s just not possible to ensure that everybody will practice basic hygiene requirements. Viruses like coxsackievirus, rhinoviruses, enterovirus and coronaviruses remains the common causes for cold in babies. By ensuring hygiene around baby cold can be controlled to a great extent.
  4. Conjunctivitis In Babies – When conjunctiva, a protective layer of eye, gets infected, babies are likely to suffer conjunctivitis. Sticky eyes, redness in eyes are some symptoms to determine if a baby is suffering from conjunctivitis or not. Upon discovery, immediately consult doctor and take proper treatment. Use separate towels and cloths for the baby to avoid future occurrence.
  5. Cradle Cap in Infants – CrustaLactea is quite common during the 1st 3 months in new born babies. A yellowish, crusty skin is to be seen on the scalp of babies suffering from this disease. Reasons of this particular problem remain unsure. Apply oil gently on the scalp of the baby and shampoo every day.
  6. Down syndrome in Babies – Down syndrome occurs when either of the parents is addicted to Smoking, over aged parents or it can be a genetic problem. Some of the symptoms include strange looking ears, small head, short fingers and upward slanting eyes. Doctor’s counsel the parents to encourages regular text to be conducted to confirm diagnosis.
  7. Flat Head Syndrome in Baby – As babies’ organs are pliable and waxy, they are likely to develop some problems from resting in same positions. One of some such problems is flat head syndrome. This problem can also occur in mother’s womb itself. Congenial disability is another reason. By ensuring that baby isn’t resting in same position for long hours can help in solving this problem.
  8. Flu in Babies –Influenza A and influenza B are very common flu viruses which spread through air. Babies can catch flu by coming in close contact with person suffering from it. Sudden fever, coughing, fatigue etc are common symptoms in babies suffering from flu. Observing hygiene is the best way to keep you baby away from the clutches of flu.
  9. Healthy Diet For Toddlers – It has been seen that mothers faces problem in feeding their toddlers. Toddlers grow very fast, upto an inch each month, which makes it a difficult task for mother to keep a check on required nutrients. Some basic diet tips include; Chocolate milk, baby carrots, American cheese, eggs and boil potato.
  10. Hiccups in Babies–Hiccups are sudden in nature and not a reason to worry. But if someone is suffering from hiccups for a month, it’s definitely a big reason to worry. Such cases should be discussed with doctors without delay. Usually hiccups occur when excess of air is swollen. Hiccups in babies should be controlled by taking them on your shoulder and patting their back. Gripe water is another trusted solution to control hiccups in babies.

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