Banana and Milk Diet Plan for Fast Weight Gain at Home

Will Banana and Milk Diet gain you weight? Many skinny people worry of their under-weight. Being slim will show your appearance compact and it also gives good look. But gaining little muscles to your skinny body will hike your charm and chubbiness. Weight gain or weight loss, it should be followed in a healthy way to remain trouble-free forever. Weight gain by foods is something so natural and safe way to carry on. Here is about banana and milk diet plan for fast weight gain.

Perfect Weight Gain Diet Plan

Banana and Milk diet plan is a high nutrients nourished weight gain plan which works well. Lean people mostly consume less and it is quite difficult to load more calorie rich foods for gaining weight. Kids to old can follow banana and milk diet plan for gaining sufficient weight. Banana is rich in potassium and other nutrients occupied with more health value. It is a high carbohydrate loaded fruit. Calcium, proteins and other multi-nutrients present in milk is very much needed for the body to stay healthy.

Banana and Milk Diet Plan for Fast Weight Gain at Home

Taking up banana and milk diet will increase your weight and give you good immune power also helps to increase your longevity. Following this diet plan effectively for a month will get you evident results for healthy weight gain. Consume banana and milk diet two times a day. More than eating banana and milk alone, add some more healthy and calorie rich ingredients. It will help in making you gain kilos more effective. Almonds, figs, raisins and deserted dates contain good nutritional sources especially enriched with iron can be added with banana and milk shake.

Banana and Milk Diet Plan for Fast Weight Gain

Take one glass full of cow’s milk and diced banana. Use mixer or blender to make a shake. Add any two ingredients (Almonds, figs, raisins and deserted dates) into the banana milk shake and blend well. Drop two small spoonful of honey and mix well. Sprinkle few grated dark chocolates on the top the shake. Stir well and refrigerate if required. In care of work goers or school goers carry banana milk shake in pet bottle. Consume this regularly both morning and night an hour after your meal.

This banana and milk diet plan for fast weight gain works smoothly in loading your body with good weight. Protein rich milk will compensate carbohydrates present in the banana. This weight gain method also works effectively for people who want to gain weight after suffering from illness.

Never over take carbohydrate foods and sugars in excess to put on weight. It will give you odd body shape. Take the healthy track of Banana and Milk Diet Plan for fast Weight Gain. Additionally, gain ample immunity naturally of drinking banana milk shake routinely.