Best Hard Disc Recovery Ideas

Hard disc recovery might be very important for you for many possible reasons. If your hard disk crashes out and you fear that all the data would have gone and you just want to recover all the important data those have got deleted with it. Hard disk might get crash due to sudden power failure where you are direct power without UPS or extra voltage to your computer. Whatever be the reason if the hard disc crashes out it will not get detected in BIOS setup.

Hard disk Recovery

Hard Disc Recovery Methods

This idea should work for you to recover your lost data. First download a program like ubuntu 8.10 live and burn it on a CD or DVD. Now restart your computer booting from the CD or DVD that you recently got with the downloaded software. As its boots now you will see a different environment from the windows mode anyways that is not a problem to go further. Next, go to the “Start” menu and on the top where it shows User’s Home. It should be the home folder so click on it. Inside you can see multiple folders and one of it should be “Windows” folder.

Once you get the folder, use the firefox or browser to upload these files to a file hosting site safely. It’s your choice as you can also copy or transfer them to your another external hard drive or USB storage stick.

This hard disc recovery method should help you to recover your lost data. If this method doesn’t work then you can go for other possible Recovery File Program or other hard disk recovery methods that helps you better.

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