Best IT Careers and IT Vacancies in India for Software Professionals

IT vacancies in India have started to boom ever since the Silicon Valley of India has marked its presence in the global information technology market. The differences are increasing in terms of cities and metros that have offered jobs earlier. Once it was only Bangalore (Bengaluru) that was offering IT services and hence had job openings from software and related field. Now the situation is positively changing and the IT services providing industries have expanded to other cities in India like Noida, Gurgaon, Pune in the North and Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram), Coimbatore, Trichy towards the South of India other than metros like Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi those have jobs most of the time in any industry.

Best IT Career in India

If you are student or a person eager to shape up your career potential willing to know which is the best software course that would get you an immediate job. Here is the best advice before taking up a decision.

  • Never step in to big software courses that promises you a better future instead go for small courses and update yourself later from your job
  • Go by good consultancies to know the job market as they know it better than anyone else
  • Certain big institutions give you placement assistance but no job guarantee
  • If you struck with any job assurance program, make sure that it should be to your level to pass out the course according to their standards
  • In IT industry or in IT support services, you need to be master in one language or in any database (eg. Master in .Net with SQL)
  • Before taking up any job oriented course from big institution based on their promises, understand the differences in their term between “Placement Assistance” and “Job Assurance” or other related terms they use in their invitation
  • Most important aspect in software profession is that you need to have regular updates in the stream that you choose.Considering the fact that IT Support Services will have a better future across the globe, most of the job seekers have turned up towards choosing their career in software industry and IT support services. Lots of colleges in India have a major focus now in the IT Support Courses to cover-up the booming industry. From small towns to big cities, most of the educational institutions have formulated their course curriculum having global career opportunities of their students. However, IT vacancies in India had to face the downfall during the years of recession that hit the global economy during late 2008 which forced most of the IT companies to sack their employees in huge numbers. However, the hope didn’t fade out with the professionals.

    IT vacancies in India still exists as it is expected that the year 2012 will give more better opportunities to the young professionals as the global market is shuffling up the recovering itself from its past downfall. Since we are living in the global economy, the downfall in US economy might affect the India software industry and vice-versa but we will have to keep in mind that even the other way would benefit the other country each other.

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