Best weight loss foods

The research shows nearly dozens of food items that are helpful in loosing obesity but the jerk is to choose the best among them that really suits one’s body condition.



Honey is one of the best homemade natural therapies for weight loss. The body utilizes energy from honey to metabolize the fat content. It is adviseable to take one table spoon of honey with one glass of water in empty stomach.

Best foods for losing

Curry leaves:

Curry leaves helps to wash out fat and other toxins from our body. It is also noticed that curry leaves can reduce the cholesterol levels in our body. It is advisable to take eight to ten curry leaves every day with our meals.

Oat meals:

Oats is one of the best ever weight reducing food that suits all age groups and all types of people. Taking oats everyday as your breakfast or as your dinner gives best results.


Salad is one among the natural foods that are prepared home made. Salads are mixture of various fruits and vegetables that have different goodness in them. These different fruit and vegetables mixture helps in fighting with different inorganic waste materials in our body to flush them out which automatically helps to reduce obesity.

Best weight loss foods


Turmeric is proved to be an active element in process of reducing the weight. The favorable property of turmeric help in removing bad cholesterol, increases blood circulation, prevents blood clotting and simultaneously reduces the fat.

Green tea:

Green tea is also one of the natural sources of weight losing food which has the diet ingredient called caffeine in it. Green tea helps in lowering the bad cholesterol, burns fat and increases metabolism in our body. It is advised to take at least of two times of green tea every day as a diet food.

Cereal with high fiber:

Cereals with high fiber help in converting the fatty substance in our body into energy which in turn trims down the body from getting weight. It is advisable to take a cup of cereal with high fiber content in them every day to avoid putting weight.

Weight loos diet plan

Cinnamon and cardamom:

These spices are known for their best digestive acids that smooth the digestive process more efficiently. As all other foods these spices also have the magic of converting the fat into energy and increases metabolism that naturally burns fat.