Best Wireless Charging Accessories for Nokia Lumia | Price in India

Now your Nokia Lumia series smart phones discovers new way in feeding its power by means of modernized technology called wireless charging. Wireless charging accessories for Stunning Lumia phones are available right here. Now you can juice up your Nokia Lumia’s battery without plugging your normal electric charger. Out of all, smart phones from Nokia especially Lumia series phones are Qi-compatible, which means you can charge your Lumia smart phones simply without use any wireless charger. Charging your Lumia series phone has never been simpler. Here is the Best Wireless Charging Accessories for Nokia Lumia

Nokia Wireless Charging Fatboy Pillow | Usage and Price

Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy

Nokia Lumia has wireless charging built-in. And you can charge Nokia Lumia wirelessly by adding on a wireless charging pillow. Energy-efficient wireless chargers come in all shapes, compact sizes and vibrant colours, so you can pick one to match your phone. And your friends can share yours too. When you go to bed, your phone can too. Just rest it on its Fatboy pillow to start charging. They even come in bright colours to match your Lumia phones. Watch the videos to know more. Just lay the phone over pillow and charge of ease.

Pricing: Online price of Nokia Wireless Fatboy Pillow charges comes around Rs.4299 which is worth for its high technology that lets you to use power free and efficient charging mechanism for Lumia phones. It is quite comfortable to charge during all times when you need to charge up your phone instantly.

Nokia Wireless Charging Plate | Usage and Price

Nokia Wireless Charging Plate

Fed up with fiddling with connectors and wires when charging your phone? We’ve made it as easy as pie. Just place on the charging plate and your phone charges wirelessly. Simply put your phone down on the plate. That’s all you have to do. A light indicator shows you when your phone is fully charged and ready to take away. It is also available in vibrant colours, the minimalist design is stylish to look at yet virtually disappears when you place your phone on it.

Pricing: Nokia Wireless Charging Plate is available at all online stores at the price tag of Rs. 3999. It’s very convenient and easy to just drop the phone on the charging pad when you want to charge it and lift it off. Even the phone doesn’t get heated up a bit when on charging.

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