Buy Or Sell Through Internet – Is that Good or Bad !

You’ve heard dreadfulness stories of people losing large amounts of money through the internet. The reason you many have heard so much about it is simply because People are scammed and hold up every day. This page is to provide you with some information so you won’t become a victim.

Buy Or Sell Through Internet


  • Know how the scams work.. If you know about them they can’t fool you
  • Direct Purchase. The most expensive items sold in the classifieds that is thousands of miles from you, there is a good chance you’ll find a similar deal close to you.
  • Use a secure method of sending money
  • If the deal sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not true.
  • If a person makes it a point to tell you to trust them because they are honest – they are probably not honest.


The Internet is an invaluable tool for the smart shopper, you can research scads of information easily and quickly, and some of that information may not be available in other media. Research the product you’re planning to buy by examining consumer literature, product descriptions, and price comparisons. Then, research the seller the same way.

The Internet also allows you to contact a broad range of buyers and sellers. You can use it to read and post advertisements to everyone with Internet access around the world you can also compare a greater range of prices. Some things you might want to think about while selling things on internet is Are you trying to reach people within a specific geographic area or to reach a group of people with similar interests and How are you pricing your item Depending on your answers you may want to list your item in a classified ad on the Web or post a message. You may want to create a web page describing the item or items you have for sale, submit it to search engines, and then enter the page as part of a web ring

One-click ordering is another Internet plus. Moreover, if you frequently order from catalogs, you may prefer to enter ordering information via a keyboard than relay it verbally to a telephone operator

The main problem with shopping over the Internet is that it’s virtual. You can’t examine your products or look into the seller’s eyes. You’ll also have to pay a surcharge for shipping and handling and wait for the item to arrive. If you need to return whatever you ordered, you’ll have to pay to ship it back.

Another problem, that has been vastly exaggerated, is the possibility of fraud or theft. The Internet’s low cost of entry and ease of achieving anonymity allows scam artists to proliferate. Many reputable retailers will provide an option to not receive unsolicited information, many do not, and selling lists of names and addresses is a valuable source of revenue to many firms.

Password insecurity is another problem with Internet shopping. Many sites, particularly those that provide one-click ordering, require a password, at most, and become a security risk to you.

There are several different models for buying and selling things:

Auction. Auctions make person-to-person sales easier and provide a forum for feedback.

Stockpile. Network stockpile are generally large-scale retail organization that exercise a shopping-cart sales model and agree to credit cards via a secure server.

Reunion. The reunion model is our most theoretical: a group of users communicating via newsgroup or mailing list, Just like a real-life conference,

Fancy ads. The fancy ad model is reasonably clear-cut, including classified advertising listings on the Web and postings of items for sale.

These are important to different extents, depending on what you’re interested in.

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