Buying Baby Accessories

  1. How to Choose Safe Baby Toys– Searching online is the best and the most convenient way of choosing safe baby toys. Toys with sharp edges should be avoided. Try not to buy toys with buttons instead, buy single piece toys. Check the material used in toys before buying any. If possible, get organic toys.
  2. How to Install a Baby Gate – Conduct a small research before purchasing a baby gate of your requirement. After selecting the location where the gate will be installed, you will need to decide on the height and width of area you want to cover. Then comes the type of safety gate (pressure mounted or hardware mounted). Frequent checks are required after installation.
  3. Baby Feeding Chart– Due to erratic nature of babies, it’s a difficult task to get a baby feeding chart which may suit your baby completely. The chart helps parents in understanding the nutrition requirement of their newborn. What to feed and when. How much should be given. Which food is good at what age?
  4. Baby Feeding Problems–Feeding problems are quite common in newborns and they aren’t a big reason to worry. Mothers are likely to get tensed when they see their baby throwing up or facing choking problems. Feeding your baby using the right feeding technique and discouraging overfeeding can solve these problems to a great extent. 
  5. Bottle Feeding Tips–Shifting your baby to bottle feed from breastfeed may prove to a challenging task. It’s required of parents not to hurry while making this change. Try to create the same atmosphere for smooth transition. Get right nipple for your baby. Almost all parents face this problem while making this change in baby’s routine. Observe patience to get desired results.
  6. Choosing Formula Milk– Formula feed or Breastfeed is always a confusing choice for the parents with a newborn. Studies have proven that breastfeed is the best food for infants for the first 6 months. But for some mother it may not possible to burse their baby. Cow milk based formula food is the best alternate for the babies not given breastfeed. Other option includes; Premature infant food, Toddler food formula…
  7. Choosing Nipples & Bottles–Often parents are found struggling while selecting Nipples and Bottles for their newborn. Does size matters, should I take glass or plastic bottle, how important is a shape of a bottle, material used in the nipple etc etc. All these questions should be answered before you go on purchasing bottles and nipples for your baby. After all it’s a matter of your baby’s health.
  8. Feeding Picky Eater Baby– Parents must understand that it takes time for babies to get used to new food, their taste and color. Feeding the toddler when they are hungry may reduce the effort of giving new food to your baby. Also, make sure food is age appropriate and served in the right quantity.
  9. Sanitizing Baby Bottles – Underdeveloped body and less developed immune system makes babies prone to viruses and bacteria. Small negligence may bring serious illness to baby. Sanitizing is a way of ensuring healthy environment to your baby. Do not forget to sterilize bottle and nipple for 8-10 min before giving it to your baby.
  10. Cloth Diapers for Babies–Cloth diapers being a cheap substitute to expensive diapers have proven to be parents 1st choice for their newborns. Re-usability is another factor why cloth diapers are so popular. As you need pins to keep the diaper stuck to baby’s body, make sure you are using large pins with safety heads. Do not forget to maintain hygiene.
  11. Expressing Breast Milk– At times mother’s Brest may be full and she might be in pain; expressing Brest milk may be a good idea. It can be done by hands or using a breast pump. Extra milk can be stored using specially designed carry bags and can be put to future use.
  12. Choosing Baby Nursery Colors – Decide on the theme; do you want to go for a gender specific them or you are comfortable with a neutral colour theme. Colors should not be too vibrant. Try to go for bright and soothing colour. Colorswill play an important role in keeping the baby’s room environment calm and relax.
  13. Nursery Decorating Ideas – Designing an organized baby nursery will organize the baby as well. Benches, racks, shelves etc should be kept within the easy reach of the baby. Making use of radium paints will make the room’s atmosphere quite exciting at night. Temporary tattoos for walls can ad beauty to baby’s nursery.
  14. Nursery Themes – Your baby’s initial years will go playing in the baby nursery. Nursery theme should not only be beautiful, but also give something for your baby to learn from it. Parents can choose from nursery themes like the number theme, jungle theme, alphabet theme, travel theme, western theme etc. 
  15. Nursery Wall Décor – Baby nursery should be decorated and made as much colorful as you can. Wall is the biggest area of your baby’s room and provides you with an opportunity to try different wall arts. Making use of bright and joyful colors will make the atmosphere calm and comfortable for your darling baby.
  16. Baby Crib Safety –Bumper pads are not suggested as they may prove to be a gap in ensuring baby’s safety. Sheets, specifically made for cribs should be used for maximum comfort. Sides of the crib should always be covered with some soft cloth. Crib area should be clear off; providing adequate space for baby to play.
  17. Baby Safety Products – Parents feel that their house is the safest place for their baby. Well…. that may not be true all the time. You may fall in need of the followings to be 100% sure that your baby is safe; cushions for furniture corner, window lock, outlet plugs, toilet lock and cabinet locks.
  18. Baby Sleep Safety Tips– In order to avoid the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, babies should be sleeping with their tummies facing the roof. Baby’s bed area should be empty – allowing baby to move freely. As per experts, firm mattress proves to be better than soft ones. Most importantly, maintain room temperature around 68 degree F.
  19. How to Baby Proof a Fireplace – Observe the fireplace from all angles and make note of all the dangerous spots. Stop your baby from getting in the fireplace by locking the door. Keep the fireplace tools far from the reach of babies. Inflammable items should be kept safe, away from the babies.
  20. How to Buy Baby Car Seat – There may be a whole lot of various car seats options available in the market, but you have to be very particular in choosing the right one for you keeping in mind the car you own and you’re your budget. Also, car seat should be designed in such a way that it can ensure baby’s safety with a comfortable ride.

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