Can cell phones cause Cancer? WHO Say, Yes !

The modern technology has made our life very much comfortable for us. We can’t think about a life without all that we have now or else image about going back an living a life just about 20 years back, possibly not many would want to.

However, very close to us but away from our thoughts the radiations are drenching us day and night. Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) has told that cell phones are “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.

Can cell phones cause Cancer

A brief explanation about how the radiation affects us – Using the electric and electronic appliances or instruments emits electric fields and magnetic fields. Both electric and magnetic fields are found around electrical appliances and power lines. The great difference here is the “electric fields” can be shielded by walls and other objects where as the “magnetic fields” can penetrate and pass through any object.

For example, electricity will not be passed if we shield the wire around a cloth and tape. The same thing will not work out on a cell phone. Even if you cover your mobile with tape or cloth, you’ll still be able to receive calls. Magnetic fields can penetrate any hard object around it.

There are three types of radiation, first – ionizing, such as the radiation caused by the atom bomb and x-rays. The second one is electromagnetic, created by home appliances. Third type of radiation is radio frequency, created by mobiles, cell phone towers, wi-fi, microwave etc.

Can cell phones cause Cancer


Though it has been told that cell phone usage could cause cancer, the studies are yet to confirm about the exact involvement of radiation and a detailed study has to be conducted on to which type radiation causes deadly effect on human.

Further, due to the causes that these modern equipment generate one cannot image to dump them and start going back to olden era instead the healthy research should continue for safety measures and find ways for the usage of cell phones and other basic equipment to minimize the chances of cancer and to eradicate any fatal consequences.

Prevention is better than cure.

Can cell phones cause Cancer

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