Humor about the death of Jackie Chan

Recently Humor for the death of Jackie Chan after perfecting a “deadly” movie stunt in Hollywood is currently roaming in the market. This is perfectly humor and Stunt Hero Jackie Chan is still alive. It is online Spam. So if fans see a shady Facebook pop-up app claiming that the 59-year-old actor recently died after perfecting […]

Big Boss 7 Coming Soon

After these much season’s success of Big Boss which is following Big brother’s format, Big Boss is now coming with new season Big Boss 7. This season about to start in the month of September-13. Even though Big Boss has not officially declared the names of participants for the season starting in the month of […]

Microsoft Office Mobile Now Available On Android

Microsoft office app for Android phones

There is a great news for application lovers who prefer android phones. Microsoft office has recently launched its mobile applications for android phones after reaching iOS  in June this year. Firstly Microsoft launched office for Mobiles and it came pre-installed with Windows phones and now Microsoft has also blessed android phones with its application.   […]

Foods to be avoided during Pregnancy.

Food to avoid during

During pregnancy a women should take special care of whatever food she intakes. Generally it is advisable to take natural food during pregnancy. There are certain category of foods that must be avoided which can harm the baby or can lead to miscarriage.                 Here are some of the […]

Truecaller Hacked – Millions of users data at risk.

Supreme court rejects petition

The most popular global phone directory application Truecaller  is at a threat as it has been hacked by Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) hacking group. The group announced it through a post on twitter. Truecaller Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army (SEA).The hacking group announced this in a post on Twitter, along with an image that showed details of […]

How to prevent Touch Screen smudge attacks.

Could Smudges on Touchscreen

Nowadays Pattern Lock is much trendy in touch screen gadgets. But, it can be at your own risk as the pattern code can be easily revealed and anybody can operate your phone or view your personal stuff. Hold your gadget up to the light and you will be shocked to see the finger grease, and […]

Long Distance Relationships Have Stronger Bonds.

Relationship have stronger bonds

A recent study has reported that people in long-distance relationships generally have stronger bond and attraction as compared to normal ones. The research team asked to date couples in long-distance and geographically close relationships to report their interactions over different media i.e., phone calls, video chat, e-mails etc. After a week they concluded that when comparing […]

How to make Ice Cream at home Instantly

make ice cream at home

Yuuummmm….ya, here is the  recipe for delicious dessert. This is really very simple, even kid can try this..!!   Ingredients • Vanilla or any other Flavoured essence 1.5 tea spoon • Cornflour/ corn starch (Dried) 1.5 table spoon • Milk 3 1/2 cups • Sugar (This can be taken as low as 3 tablespoons) 5 tablespoons […]

Basic Knowledge about Diamond Industry


WHERE THE DIAMONDS FOUNDS ??? Firstly, history of the diamond dates back more than  3,000 years to India, where it is likely that it were first valued for their ability to refract light. Earlier diamond was used in two ways-for decorative purposes & As a talisman to ward off evil or provide protection in battle.  ROUGH […]