How to determine tax liability for Share Trading in India


Many of the tax payers is having confusion regarding treatment of Share Trading activities due to complexity in nature of transactions and activities. Details tax treatment prevailing as per Income Tax Act is as given below: Purchase and sale of shares in delivery The profit/loss is assessable as Capital Gains if shares are held as capital assets […]

How much Gold NRI can bring to India

Gold NRI can bring to India

How much Gold NRI can bring to India without paying duty It is always the complicated question that how much Gold NRI can bring into India without paying any Custom Duty thereon There is no such thing as zero duty on gold taken to India by a passenger. Only duty free allowance that is allowed […]

How falling Rupee impacting Diamond Industry?

Surat Dimond

Rupee has fallen Sharply in last few days and dollar has now became senior citizen. Apart from its economic effect as a whole, its specific effect for the Diamond Industry in India is significant. Due to to huge exposure of Diamond Traders based on Gujarat and Mumbai in these, their interest’s are badly affected due to this […]

Jewelry Design in India and Jewelry Designer Job Focus

Jewellery Designer Jobs

Trend and fashion keeps changing according to the choice and need of the people. Especially jewelry designing requires the frequent updates where people show more interest in showcasing themselves to the update trend and fashion. Scope of Jewelry Designer Jobs Jewelry designing is the emerging field purely subjected to the place where creative idea speaks […]

Genuine Online Home Based Jobs Without Investment

Genuine Online Income Jobs

Money is everything yet not so easy to earn. But now, you can earn; you can do simple work to earn pocket-money sitting at home, work station or anywhere in the globe. It is so simple to do something different. Genuine Online part time Home based jobs, without investment, Make Unlimited Dollars from home. All international […]

How to Start a Kindergarten School at Home?

Steps to Start your Kindergarten at Home

To start a play school at home is to have a healthy fun at home. What you sow is what you harvest. To this proverb, parents of at present generation wants to sow a fruit full seed to their children so they all hunt for play schools that shape their future. TO NEST A KINDERGARTEN […]

Know all the Risks and Advantages of Home Loans

Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Loans

Owning a piece of land or property is a lifetime dream for every individual. Purchasing and moving into a dream house would generally rank among the top three things on the wish list of most people. Taking a home loan nowadays has become very simpler. There are many home loans provider in the market to […]

Where to Invest Money Wisely in India for Good Returns?

You shoud invest

Investment is not just for the wealthy it also serves as a transaction instrument for satisfying present needs. With the caveat, investing your money wisely helps you to be ahead of the curve in case of a panic. There are plenty of amazing proceeds to be made in India for investors which assure safe and […]

How to Plan and Implement Monthly Household Budget

Household Monthly Budget Plans

A household budget can help you to track your expenses organize your spending within your means and save it allowing you to meet your needs. Planning a home budget really is not that difficult when you break it down to a simple equation of addition and subtraction. A budget is a planning tool, and it […]