How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks after Pregnancy | Home Tips

Care you body after Pregnancy

Stretch mark is the serious skin problem all most all women face after their pregnancy. As their belly gets enlarged during pregnancy and baby get out of womb the skin loses its elastic nature. This expansion and contraction of skin causes stretch marks. Skin gets shrunk after some period of time which leaves marks on […]

Natural Home Remedies to Regrow Lost Hair Fast

Best Home Natural Remedies for Hair Regrowth

Most people have NO Idea to regrow hair naturally and quickly here are some natural remedies to regrow lost hair. To promote hair growth and health Stop washing your hair every day Washing your hair strips take away its natural oils and can cause brittleness and breaking, making it difficult to regrow hair, even if […]

How to Do Pedicure At Home | Beauty Tips

Learn How to Do Pedicure at Home

Learn how to do pedicure at home itself, as it is good to avoid doing pedicures from beauty parlour for one important reason. At the beauty parlor they use metal scrubber and metal items to beautify your nails. The problem is if you are a diabetic person, you need to be careful while using sharp […]

Health and Fitness Tips for Age 40 Plus | Women Special

Health and Beauty Tips for 40 Plus Women

Forties – the age where you’ve reached about half of your lifetime. Women have to really take care of their external and internal health at this stage which is post-youth and pre-elderly period. All these health and fitness tips for age 40 plus will definitely help women to stay fit and young. Health & Fitness […]