Disadvantages of Over Exercising | How it affects your Body

“Too much of anything is good for nothing”

Exercising is the one best thing which not only benefits for fitness and weight loss but also for overall physical health. It actively involves in enabling total body function and promotes disease-free healthy living. Daily exercising is very much needed to care your body whatsoever busy schedule you follow. Many weight losers think exercising too much will help them to knock put kilos abruptly.  It is not the case with over-exercising. It may end in risk and causes many health hazards.

Over Exercise - Disadvantages

Disadvantages of Over Exercising

Even though routine exercising gives many vital advantages, anything in excess turns harmful. Performing too many exercises in a single stretch puts you in unanticipated troubles. It upsets your total system and directs to malfunctioning. It causes many serious health effects to one who perform over exercising.

1. Over-Eating Disorders

Over exercising leads to abnormal eating disorder as your body gets over stain. Over exercising creates more tendency to grab foods and you don’t mind how much calories you intake and what type of food you intake. This paves way for over eating and also unhealthy eating habits.

2. Wear and Tear of Bones

Body actually be likely to over stain during over exercising, especially bones health get seriously affected. Bones are surrounded by cartilage tissue which acts as a cushion for bones. Over exercising damage cartilage tissue layer and lets to wear and tear of bones. It also leads to bone diseases like osteoporosis and others.

3. Back Pain and Body Pain

Performing exercises for long time damages your spinal cord. Skeletal muscles also get injured severally. Body aches and joint aches troubles you highly that will not allow you to walk even very little distances. Especially in ladies, spinal cord nerves get deviated and put them under severe back pain.

4. Fatigue and Dizziness

As you are staining too much while exercising, needs more stamina. Tired body always requires some energy rich foods to compensate with the system needs. Usually a weight loser don’t prefer of eating foods in high amount. So body is not able to cope up with same energy what a person feeds on regular basis during over exercising. Body gets weaken and causes constant fatigue.

For some, doing exercise for long time seems to be fun but experiencing its consequences in later stages is painful. Drive your body in a balanced way to enjoy good health and fitness. Listen to your body and schedule your exercises accordingly. Too much body stains end in body troubles. Stay alert and exercise moderately that leads you happy and healthy living.

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