Earn Money Online Through Freelancing

I am going to tell in you in detail about a very unique way to earn money online – yes, it is Freelancing. In fact this is one among the best ways to start for a career online. If you like to work for others (as I do) then you have to be sincere, punctual and dedicated, further having the necessary skill for doing the work you had committed for. You might have to take some projects related to your field of interest and offer your service to complete the project taken. Once you complete the project you need to submit it for assessment. After approval you will be paid for your job done (100% guaranteed – No fraud, for sure). At any case, if there are any faults found they’ll resend the project for correction stating the faults and you will be paid after re-submitting the corrected project again.

Earn Money Online Through Freelancing

Based on your bid the amount of money depends. To get a project, you need to bid on different ones. If you not sure about your bidding amount, you can see others’ bid to fix yours. The bid you make could depend upon many factors like:-

1. Approximate time consumed by you in completing the project
2. Other bids for the same project that you are interested in
3. If there is any extra software that you might need to buy (most of the softwares available free)
4. Very important point, last but not the least – The level of your satisfaction/comfort

Remember a few don’ts here:-

1. Only if you posses the required skill-set, apply for a particular project
2. As per your commitment, be sure to complete the project on time
3. Never be in the mindset to give a lowest bid thinking that the lowest would get the project. In fact, the employer takes a lot of points into consideration before assigning the project

Freelance market places

Why you must remember the “DON’TS” is because there is a system of getting feedback from employers. There are more chances of winning further projects with positive feedback. Likewise and negative feedback will put down your capability level. Important point that I must mention here is – never think that a new-comer without any feedback will not get a project for him, everyone working on such projects would have certainly begun their work without any review (and only after completion of the project successfully a review is obtained).

For your comfortable confidence, I must tell you about my methods. I’m also working with many projects both online and offline taken from different sources (which I will mention on a different topic/post). These projects yields me with more income than I used to get from my regular job (5 years back) and now the income is increasing steadily as my experience gets better.

Finally, let me come to the main question that must coming to your mind-

Make money as freelance

“Where will I get the projects from?” Right? Sure, I will mention the sources from where I get my work in my next posting. So that you can rest assured (please do don’t forget there are lot of fraud sources available on the internet).

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