Exercises for Constipation

Constipation arises from an inability to cleanse the stomach and can often be avoided by a mix of exercises. Constipation usually occurs when the stool inside the body gets dehydrated and is unable to process through the intestinal passage. Modern sedentary lifestyles can often lead to constipation but if you exercise regularly, the body gets much needed breathing space and is able to process food faster leading to better digestion and overall better metabolism. Although weightlifting and other cardio vascular exercise are a great way to keep in shape and build muscles, they do not contribute a lot towards inner gut movement. For this, you need to try out other exercises such as aerobics and yoga. Below is a list of exercises that are a very good fix for curing constipation. Plus, they do not take much time or require any professional expertise and some of them can even be practised either in the comfort of your home.

Exercises Constipation


Aerobic exercises are a great way to get much needed relief from chronic constipation. Aerobics improve metabolism and aids in digestion. However, if you are busy and cannot find time to go the gym or are unable to follow an exercise regimen, you can try simpler exercises. Aerobics work by stimulating blood flow to vital organs such as the intestines which can then process food better leading to relief from constipation. Even walking at a brisk pace for a few hours every day from home to work will dramatically help in reducing incidents of constipation. Swimming, running or aerobics regime will help in strengthening your abdomen. Even biking for a few hours every day is a good option.

Aerobics Exercises


Yoga has been in existence for times immemorial and not without good reason. It leads to a healthy, agile body and yoga is also a very good remedy to counter constipation related maladies. Simple yoga postures such as Kapalbhati and Wind Relieve (Pavanmukatasana) pose will help in tightening your abdominal muscles and can relieve constipation. Yoga doesn’t take much effort and can be done in the comfort of your home or even outdoors. Postures aren’t difficult to master although for some difficult exercises, professional help may be required.

Yoga Exercises


Acupressure if practised correctly can also aid towards digestion. The body has certain pressure points which when stimulated affect other vital areas. Areas below the belly button, the outer elbow and the back of the palm are some pressure points which can help in curing constipation related ailments.

Acupressure exercises


A good running regimen can do wonders for your body. Running unlike other exercises benefits the overall body and not just target areas. Start walking slowly for five to ten minutes and then slowly quicken the pace. Brisk walk for about ten minutes and break out into a full run for ten minutes. If you feel tired, do not worry as your stamina will gradually build up. Regular running can do wonders for constipation related ailments and doesn’t require any special equipment but if you are hard pressed for time, you can try a treadmill.

Running exercises

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