Facial tips for summer

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Summer season can really damage your skin, so it is important that you take proper care of your skin during the summer months. As a result of dehydration, sun burns can occur which will not only damage your skin cells but can also cause dark pigmentation. Sunrays come laden with harmful UV radiation than can lead to skin cancer. Tanning can frequently occur or in severe cases, accelerated ageing and dullness may also be experienced. But with a little persistence and care, it is possible to keep your skin invigorated and youthful.

Take Cover:

The trick is simple. Just cover the unexposed parts of the body with cloth, cotton works best as it as an absorbent material. You can additionally use scarves to cover the head and face. You may also consider carrying an umbrella when it’s really hot outside. Sunglasses can also help in blocking the sun.

Focus on your diet:

Your diet will have a direct effect on your skin. In summers, it is important to ensure that you are sufficiently hydrated so take a diet that is a mix of solids and liquids in equal proportion.

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Eat plenty of cucumbers, watermelons and green vegetables. Try to avoid meat as much as possible. As for the liquid portion of your diet, consider green tea, fruit juices and water. Try to avoid carbonated and alcoholic drinks.

Defoliate and use a sunscreen:

It is important to not solely depend on normal creams. Use a scrub to cleanse your skin of all the dead and unwanted cells and always apply sunscreen before venturing outside.

Choose to sunscreen

Sunscreens can help in providing protection against UV rays. Most sunscreens will provide adequate protection for two to four hours depending on the type that you use, so reapply whenever necessary.

Clean and Moisturize:

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At night, take care to wash your face with water before cleansing it properly by using a natural skin cleanser. Aloe Vera is a natural ingredient that comes in handy during summers so you might consider going for Aloe Vera based skin cleansers. Homemade recipes can also be tried and yogurt or honey is often a good substitute for any cleanser. Always apply a good moisturiser once the cleaning is finished as the skin tends to rupture and wrinkles appear if the skin is not properly hydrated. Both oil and water based moisturisers are available in the market and you can choose depending on your particular skin type. You may also consider steam therapy that helps in unclogging skin pores leading to younger, youthful skin. It is always better to clean during the night and then applying a moisturiser before going to bed. Natural alternatives can comprise of glycerine, lime or even rose water.

Exercise regularly:

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Exercise is necessary as it helps in generating new cells, and to flush the toxins out of your system. Yoga is a good option but aerobics and running are also good alternatives. Exercise will help in improving blood circulation and you will stay rejuvenated and fresh.


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