Flight Dispatcher Jobs

Get Ready for the Flight Dispatcher Jobs

Whenever you think of a job in the Air, most of us would not go beyond air hostess jobs. Flight Dispatcher jobs are better paying job with very good salary packages. Flight dispatchers are those who does “planning” and are responsible for the “planning and monitoring” of the progress of an aircraft journey.

Flight Dispatcher Jobs

If a flight has to go from Chennai to New York, the Flight Dispatcher has to plan about the timings of when the flight should take off from the airport and where the particular flight has to halt at in between destinations etc. throughout its journey till New York from Chennai.

Based on the jurisdiction of the country’s aviation policy, a dispatcher may have the authority to delay, divert or cancel a flight at any time. At times, a flight might not be able to take off from the airport without the signatures of both the pilot in command and the flight dispatcher.

These flight dispatchers are responsible to authorize weather conditions of a flight journey, monitoring the fuel levels in the flight including other related responsibilities.

To become a flight dispatcher, you need to posses “Diploma in Flight Dispatcher” as your qualification. Completing the schooling (+2) is the minimum eligibility to join this diploma course, however, persons who are graduates in physics, maths, computer science or B.E. related studies would find it easy when undergoing this course as the technicalities will be well understood.

After completing the Diploma in Flight Dispatcher you will be absorbed as Assistant Flight Dispatcher as to kick start your career. Later, by completing and passing out the exam conducted by the “Director of Civil Aviation“, you will be eligible to be appointed as Flight Dispatcher.

Job Opportunities for Flight Dispatcher

As more new airports are being added in the country with forthcoming proposals, this will have a great future. Moreover, not everyone are aware of this job which is one important factor why you’ll not have too much of competition like other profession has. To work as an Assistant Flight Dispatcher the salary package ranges up to Rs. 25,000 and to work as Flight Dispatcher, the salary is up to Rs. 80,000.

Flight Dispatcher jobs are highly in demand with the current situation and having less number of people who have completed this course, it would be better to start a career as Flight Dispatcher.