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For any child, the age of two to five years is extremely crucial for development. During this period, the child not only learns many new things but also his or her brain is developing very fast during these initial years. According to researchers, about 90 percent growth of children’s brain takes place up to the age of five. It then becomes necessary that children are fed with sufficient quantities of food that provide brain nutrition. These nutritional elements include – vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids like DHA.

Child specialist says we cannot make a choice in case of a small child to feed them either with protein-rich food or vitamil-rich foods. DHA, vitamins and protein all play vital role in complete growth and development of children, like:

Vitamin A enhances a child’s eye power to see things clearly. Vitamin B is necessary for the development of the child’s brain and heart. Vitamin C makes the child’s gums strong and vitamin D is required for stronger bones. Every vitamin has a unique function; hence we must add all the vitamin-rich food items like carrots, green vegetables, fruits, milk and fish oil to a child’s diet for the complete growth and development of children.

Protein must make an indespensable part of a child’s diet because it makes the child’s muscles strong. Simultaneously, it plays a vital role in brain development. Children should be fed with milk, egg white, soyabean, grams, pulses, etc to meet the protein requirement. If you like meat, then red meat should be added to the diet.

Even after the age of two, we can feed our child with DHA through food items. If you like meat, then you can give your child fish oil or even fish meal. But pure vegetarians can add vegetable oils, soya, sesame seeds or walnut in their diet. But children are messy eaters and it is difficult to feed them these things, so mom can opt for food suplement/drinks like Bourn vita mixed in milk daily to provide the necessary DHA nutrition.

DHA or Omega-3 is an important nutrient for the development of the brain and to enhance the eyes’ visual powers. Experts opine that babies get Omega-3 fatty acid from mother’s milk up to the age of two. But after weaning and switching over to packaged milk, DHA supply is cut off.


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