Google Moto G Moto X Review

Google Moto G and Moto X

Motorola is now a Lenovo company and is getting back into the market with a bang. They have successfully done experiments with their device –Moto G on e-commerce website and are prompt to repeat it again with Moto X.

Moto G was a brilliant Smartphone with amazing features offered at budget price, and this combination worked wonders for the company. Moto G was a superior and practical device which was warmly welcomed in the market.

Motorola now tried to replicate the earlier feat by launching its recent device- Moto X in India, which is also available on the e-commerce website for purchase. And then they brought it with the twist of touch-less controls. Let’s compare the two devices to evaluate which one gains the cut.

Moto G Android Phone Review

Moto G Android Phone Review

Display and design

At first look, both the devices look pretty similar. On turning around, the difference is noticed. The rubberish back panel of Moto G is replaced by the non- matted finish which is further accentuated by attractive patterns and color.

The display of Moto x is larger with a screen size of 4.70 inches against 4.5 inches of Moto G making internet browsing and watching videos more pleasing. However, the pixel density of Moto G is better with 326pp and thus shows sharper texts and good details in photos and videos.


While Moto G holds a much better, multi core processer of 1200 MHz, making multiple task go smoothly without any hitch. Moto X in turn has a faster RAM of 2 GB thus facilitating faster installation of apps. The gaming and graphics activities are rendered very quickly and the graphics recital is also decent on it.
The results of the device are mostly flawless and are without any lags. This device is also incorporated with a better battery of 2200mAh against 2070 mAh of the competitive device, which delays the need of frequent charging.
Internal memory of Moto X is double to that of Moto G.

One feature that is most used in a smart phones is camera and Moto X has far better resolution camera than its younger brother the Moto G.  Moto X is made available with a 10-megapixel primary camera and an LED flash to capture images in low light conditions. This can help user to click detailed and beautifully reproduced pictures.

Moto X also uses a camera sensor which is laden with a Clear Pixel Filter. This app helps in capturing noise free and clutter free images and gives the entire screen to be used as a capture button. This means that tapping anywhere on the screen will capture the pictures. Moreover, secondary camera of Moto X is of higher resolution than that of Moto G- 2MP against 1.30 mega pixels. Thus, now user can have better images in video chats and selfies.

Moto X Google Price Review

Moto X Google Price Review

Music and entertainment

Moto X lags behind the older device Moto G as it lacks the FM facility, which could be a setback for music lovers.


Moto G was introduced at a budget rate of $ on the e-commerce site. The recent device of Moto X is unleashed at price of INR 21.645.Both the devices of Motorola are mixed bags having numerous tempting features. It would be choice of the users which device that opt over the other.

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