Google Unveils the Fastest Internet Service | Ultra-High Speed

One of the world’s most advanced internet technology oriented company Google is unveiling the fastest internet connection in the world.

Google Unveils the Fastest Internet Service

As a trial run and to get to know the exact technological outputs and speed test, Google is introducing its ultra-high speed internet service in the metro areas of Kansas City in United States during the month of September.

It has been told that this Google Fiber Internet Service is 100 times faster than any other fastest internet service existing. The speed of the Google internet service is calculated to be in ultra-high speed. Definitely the internet service will function at a very high speed. People can get any service or information using internet and related technology, though there is a kind of dissatisfaction and concern among the public over the speed of the internet. This will not be there by using the Google’s ultra-high speed internet service.

Google Unveils the fastest internet connection

As per the available information, it has been calculated that Google’s fiber internet service will function at transfer rate of 1 GB per second in speed. A lot of expectancy has raised through this new and greater speed internet service provided by the world’s most advanced internet enabled service provider, Google Inc.

Let us see the real opinion from the Kansas City users after this service has been introduced for trial. Hopefully, the world will get ready for a faster revolution in the internet arena with most advancing technologies being introduced by pioneers in the industry.

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