Google’s Social Network “Google Plus” Invites

Google is the trendsetter of the Internet era. They may be late to bring new things to their customers but Google always comes up with unique service and product leaving the competitor far behind to reach its height. Here is the next milestone of Google coming up – Google Plus (Google+).

google+ invitation for social networking

Social networking has become the foremost part of business strategy not just online businesses but offline business too. There are 100s of social networking sites available across the globe. Every social network website tries something unique to keep their customers on their web-portal.

Recently, it is Facebook that is creating histories in the arena of social networking. Twitter, Linkedin, Orkut, StumbleUpon are a few to name out of other popular social networking websites that people prefer for most of the common reasons that is similar to everyone.

The entry of Google+ has brought energy to online business makers as they can utilize the upcoming technologies of Google’s social network site to boost their business and the visitors (customers) are happy too and eagerly waiting to see the advancements of Google that it always has.

For now, Google Plus is available only through private invitations and no common signup is available. Right now, Google is being tested with small number of people but it will come out very soon making it available for everyone. If you are excited like most of the online communities to know the updates of its release, google will keep you posted with their release to your email.

Sign Up here with Google Plus project where you’ll be posted with updates of Google+ release.

Temporarily they’ve exceeded the capacity limits but you can try again soon. See the Google+ Demo here.

They come up with the tag line “Real-life Sharing, rethought for the web.” As excited they are, everyone is excited for the release of Google+.

Has the facebook’s decline started ? Lets wait and use !

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