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Forties – the age where you’ve reached about half of your lifetime. Women have to really take care of their external and internal health at this stage which is post-youth and pre-elderly period. All these health and fitness tips for age 40 plus will definitely help women to stay fit and young.

Health and Beauty Tips for 40 Plus Women

Health & Fitness Tips for Women above 40

There are specific problems that these age groups have to face. First one is the ‘Pre Menopausal Syndrome’ that usually occurs in women of age between 35 years to 45. The symptoms include shortening of menstrual cycle, anger, anxiety, depression, sense of pain and hardness in the breast, getting tired in the evenings, hair fall, dry skin etc. Instead of struggling with these problems, it would be better to see a gynecologist and take appropriate treatment which will relieve you from all the troubles in two to three months.

Breast cancer and uterine cancers are two major health issues that target this age group. As you reach your age 40, it is important to do a self-check at least once in a month to find any abnormality or swelling in your breast. Stiffness in the breast and inward pulling of the nipple are also symptoms to be noticed.

After 40 years of age, it is advisable to have mammogram checkup that diagnoses cancer, pap smear that diagnoses any uterine cancer and a gynec checking at least once in every year. It is not a good decision to have (conceive) baby after age 40. So, it is good to plan your last child before 35 itself. Also, this age is prone to face problems like diabetes, joint pains and insomnia (lack of sleep). You can face these problems easily by developing a healthy life-style.

Physical exercises like walking, aerobics, yoga, power yoga can be done three times in a week. Additionally, food control is also important. Intake any fruit juice on a daily basis. Can take vegetable soups at least thrice in a week. Twice in a week, have fruit salad instead of your regular breakfast.

Since white hairs start to appear more at 40, many women would worry for this as an issue and feel for it. There are multiple reasons for getting white hairs including hereditary, malnutrition, biotin, zinc and magnesium deficiency added with age factor. It is impossible to regrow your black hair from the root again. So, it is highly advisable not to fall for products which advertise as “get rid of white hairs”.
Those who think that white hairs are reducing their confidence levels can go for hair colors. There are two different types of hair dyes – Ammonia mixed hair dye and ammonia-free hair dye. If you are prone to chemical allergy then choose ammonia-free hair dye. Since, henna usage will leave your hair dry it is good to use henna only during important occasions like meeting and functions.

It is natural for men to have baldness after forties but it is not the same for women as the estrogen hormone keeps secreting it will save them from baldness and women don’t have to worry about baldness. It is sensible to avoid heavy makeup after age 40 and keep it mild.

All these above health and fitness tips for age 40 plus, it is very important to keep your mind safe and relaxed. Leaving all your worries, if you wear a smile on your face – the beauty and youth will never leave you even after 40. Stay young forever.

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