High Scoring Exam Techniques

Lot of practices and preparations i.e. to secure high marks in board exams. Scoring high marks in exams are quite simple when you fuse to regular practice on some exam techniques.

Wake up early around 4 or 5’oclock in the morning. Get up early make yourself fresh and start studying. It has been proved that studying at least two hours in the morning is equal to studying nearly six hours a day. During morning hours your mind feels fresh and when you focus on studies you remember things easily.  Getting up early also helps you to be fresh and active whole day.

Tips to Prepare Exam


Daily exercises and foods also play a vital role in relation to scoring high marks in the exams. Allocate time to do exercise every day, carry out hosannas that increase your memory power and sit down for meditation which helps you in concentration. Concerning food what you eat, avoid taking foods that stirs the heat of your body, when your body turns heat  There are chances of getting  ill, your brain becomes less active and your memory power gradually reduces. Thus you are advised to take foods that make your body cool.


Inappropriate thoughts like whether the question paper will be hard, questions might be from out of portion, I may forget what I have studied etc., these types of thoughts leads to exam fear and tension. To overcome this you have to be right from your path. try to cover your portion completely, questions will be asked only from your syllabus if you are thorough in your lessons then there is no words of question paper to be hard . You need not be scared if questions are from out of portion you will be given marks for those questions.


Study regularly; allot time for at least two to three subjects for a day. Concentrate more on the subjects that you feel you are feeble and Work more on those subjects. Writing once is equal to studying four times an answer so Practice writing the answers then you will not forget what you have studied. Work with old question papers; complete at least five to eight model questions papers for each subject. This will help you to revise your subjects. It is good to do night studies but avoid studying at night during exam times. Night studies will make you feel tired in exam; your brain becomes less active, finally you don’t remember things and you’ll be slow in writing.


Another important technique to score High In your exam is your Exam presentation. Present your answer paper smartly with good handwriting and neat presentation. Try to present your paper in such a way that you are written your headings and subheadings in black pen, your answers with blue pen, Sketch your diagrams neatly with pencils if needed mark the parts, try to highlight important points with black pen. Highlighting important points helps the staff to evaluate your paper easily and make them believe you have written everything.

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