How to Care for Infants

  1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Parents are likely to ignore certain medical problems in their babies considering them to be natural or part of baby’s growth. At times it proves to be dangerous for the babies. Irritable bowel syndrome is one of such problems. Baby suffering from this disease is like to have Mucus passage, green stool etc. Water with ORS should be giving to the baby having problem.
  2. Malaria in Babies – When an infected mosquito bites a baby, parasites enters the bloodstream and causes malaria. Common symptoms include fever, sweating, loss of appetite. In serious situations baby might face problem while urinating or kidney failure may happen. In order to avoid complications, it’s advisable to seek medical help and prompt diagnosis should be conducted.
  3. Measles in Babies – Measles is a deadly disease which is communicable in nature. Other known name for this dangerous disease is “Rubeola”. Paramyxo virus is the main reason behind measles. Cold, rashes, fever, respiratory problems are quite common in babies suffering from measles. Disease can be treated with drugs like advil or ibuprofen.
  4. Nail Biting in Toddlers – Nail biting problem is not restricted to toddlers; it may be seen in grownups as well. Nail biting happens when a person/baby is facing some trouble, some stressed situation or if they are feeling bored. Bleeding, infections, chipped teeth, psychological effects are some of the harmful effects of nail biting. Parents can control this habit by not overreacting and providing enough distractions.
  5. Polio in Babies – Detecting polio is not an easy task. Victim is likely to show symptoms like fever, sore throat, vomiting, back pain etc. which are quite common in many other diseases. The best way to control this dangerous disease is by ensuring proper vaccination of your child. OPV and IPV are popular vaccines.
  6. Restless Legs Syndrome – If your baby is not getting proper rest, if your baby throws his/her leg more often, then you have a reason to worry. Usually, parents assume these to be a part of normal child behavior but they are not. They can be the symptoms of restless legs syndrome which happens due to lack of iron in baby’s body.
  7. Shaken Baby Syndrome –Parents must understand that babies’ body is very fragile in nature. In comparison to head and rest of the body, neck remains delicate. Too much shaking of neck can result into internal bleeding in brain area which may cause death. If your baby is facing difficulties in breathing or sudden vomits are observed, kindly consult a doctor immediately.
  8. Small Pox in Babies –Small pox is considered to be one of the most deadly disease know to humanity. Variola virus is considered to be the main reason behind small box, which spread just by coming in contact with infect person. Vaccination is the most prominent solution to this deadly disease.
  9. TouretteSyndrome in Babies – If your baby feels an urge to make sound or to do some unusual body moments, he or she may be suffering from tourette syndrome. Studies reveal that tourette syndrome is an genetically transferred neuropsychiatric disorder. As there are no specific tests to be sure of this disease; treatment starts after proper diagnosis of tics.
  10. Vomiting in Babies – Vomiting is a natural phenomenon which occurs in infants as their bodies adjust to the feeding pattern. But if vomiting doesn’t stops for a day or so, it can be a big reason to worry and immediate doctor’s assistance is suggested. Undeveloped digestive system can be the main reason why your baby is suffering from frequent vomiting.
  11. Baby Safety – Apart from basic sickness and infant diseases; accidental fatalities are quite common and remains a big reason to worry for parents. It is required of parents to take utmost care of their babies. If your baby has already started moving around the house, you need to be more careful and try to ensure that baby is being watched all the time.
  12. Baby Feeding – Getting it right at the first time is the success formula to make sure that your baby enjoys a health childhood. For the initial 6 months mother’s milk is the best food your baby. Once your baby turns 6 months, time is right to introduce him or her to new healthy varieties of food.
  13. Baby Sleep Patterns – New born babies have sleeping patterns of their own. They spent most of the time sleeping; which is quite essential for the development of their bodies. Gradually, babies adjust their sleeping pattern as per the daily routine. Expect your baby to have minimum 10 hours of sleep when they are 3 months old. Babies can be taught to have sleeping pattern as per the requirement of the parents.
  14. Cleaning Your Baby – Other than feeding, cleaning is another activity which engages a mother for long hours. New born are very demanding and they may land up eating the time you required for other household activities. Maintaining proper hygiene is very essential steps towards ensuring a healthy childhood for your baby.
  15. Baby Prams – Baby prams or in other words is the transportation of your baby. Prams are used to carry babies, where the baby lies down looking at the person pushing the pram. Prams are usually preferred for the baby’s uptp 3 years of age. From all the available options to carry your baby, prams proves to be the most comfortable choice.
  16. Baby Carriage – Carrying baby is one common problem faced by every parent while planning to go for shopping or planning some outing. Baby carriage can be your savior in a situation like this. It’s not that easy as much it sounds like. You need to keep in mind the safety and comfort while purchasing a baby carriage.
  17. Baby Bedding – Comfort is one thing that should be kept in mind while purchasing a bed for your baby. Bedding has proved to be a very essential part of baby nursery. Market is full of option specific to baby girl and a baby boy. But parents needs to check the design, the size (neither to big, not too small).
  18. Baby Furniture – As this new member makes an entry to the family, whole house is filled with joy and laughter. Plethora of ideas floods in for buying stuff for this new member of the family. One of such stuffs is baby furniture. It’s just not “cot” these days. Parents are full of choices, colors, and themes when it comes to selecting baby furniture.
  19. Baby Stools –Understanding the bowel moments is very important to make sure if your baby’s digestive system is functioning normally or not. For the first time, expect to see meconium content in your baby’s nappy. Frequency of stool varies from baby to baby and kind of food they intake. In case a major change is seen in baby’s stool, consult your doctor immediately.
  20. Bathing Your Baby –Infants bodies are very soft and fragile. Parents need to be very careful while conducting a bathing session for their newborn. Keeping the environment warm and calm may leave your baby with great bathing experience. Ensure hygiene by using clean towels. Slowly clean your baby’s body from head to toe using a soft sponge.

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