How much Gold NRI can bring to India

How much Gold NRI can bring to India without paying duty

It is always the complicated question that how much Gold NRI can bring into India without paying any Custom Duty thereon

Gold NRI can bring to India

There is no such thing as zero duty on gold taken to India by a passenger. Only duty free allowance that is allowed is on gold ornaments and it is also limited to Rupees 10,000 for men and Rupees 20,000 for women. However Citing complaints from Non-Resident Indians, Finance Minister raised the value of gold exempt from taxes to Rs50,000 and Rs100,000 for men and women respectively from 2013 Budget.

Gold NRI can bring to India

However, with payment of Custom Duty this limit can be extended to 1 Kg. Passengers can take gold to India provided they declare and pay the applicable customs duty in India. Up to 1 Kilogram (From 18th April, 2012) of gold per passenger can be imported to India provided the period of stay abroad has been at least six months.

Gold NRI Can Bring

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