How to Apply For Passport Online

It is easy to learn how to apply for passport online. The immediate and common benefit of applying for passport online is that you don’t have to stand in long-tailed queues. Other important advantage of applying online is that you will get a scheduled date of when to submit the relevant document and fee to the concerned officer at the Regional Passport Office at your nearest area.

How to Apply Online for Passport in India

How to Apply For Passport Online

  • For Indian nationals, logon to the passport website and create an User ID and assign yourself a Password. Register your application choosing your respective passport office.
  • Once the registration is completed on this website, it will ask you with two options: Open or Save your application form.
  • You can open the application form and take a printout directly if you have your printer connected to your computer.
  • If you don’t have a printer – please open the application form and save it in your computer. Take a printout of the saved application form later.
  • In case if you don’t have a printer or not able to take a printout of the application for any reason, make sure to note down the Application Reference Number (ARN) for your reference to take printout later by mentioning the “Application Reference Number” and your date of birth that you have submitted.
  • Though most of the columns on the application form can be filled on the computer itself, there are still some columns to be filled by hand.
  • After the passport application form filling process gets over the next step is to approach your respective Regional Passport Office to submit the completed form along with the fee with supporting documents like birth certificates etc. on the given day and time.
  • The date and time of appointment to submit your application form at the Passport office will be informed to you by the on-line system and will also be printed on the application form.
  • Please visit the Passport office on the given date and time without fail as you’ll not be given with another date or time by the online system. Make sure that you arrive at Regional Passport office (RPO) about 15 minutes earlier than the appointment time to avoid any delay and proceed to the respective counter.
  • There is no need for the online applicants to obtain a token number for submitting their applications. You will not have to wait long in the queue.
  • You can also track the status of your application or get any assistance by calling the call center at 1800-258-1800 or by logging on to
  • If you want your passport procedure to get over without hassle and sooner, please read the instructions above once again on how to apply for passport online and follow the procedures carefully.


  1. ponnuswamy.p says

    how i can apply for passport in online

  2. hardik pandav says

    dear sir i forgot to print of arn number so give me suggestion for this that how can i get its printout.

    • Indianist says

      Repeat the procedure again and take a print out when it prompts you. Or if you don’t have a printer connected to your computer, you can save it to your hard-drive, save it to a pen drive, CD or something and later take a printout

  3. PREMKUMAR says


  4. Purvi says

    May i know what is the fee for passport ?

  5. vishwanatha says

    who to apply onlin passport

  6. HK says

    Fee for passport is Rs 1000.
    Don’t go for any agent as they will ask for around Rs 500.
    No need of any agent if you are educated as procedure is now online and simple

  7. shubha dixit says

    plz inform me the tentative date and time of appointment to submit the application form at the Passport office if i will apply online on 1st july 2012 so that i can decide my passport office city.

  8. sadik says

    Dear sir,
    for ARN which form have to fill whether it is fresh form or re-issue form.

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