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Summer has already started in India though the actual month (for summer) is yet to bet met in some parts of the country. If you have plans to buy an air conditioner for your home or office, it is always better to have an idea before stepping into a shop undecided. Give a few minutes to choose your best air conditioner and spend your money wisely.

Good Air Conditioner

How to Buy a Good Air Conditioner?

Don’t get fooled by the salesperson at the showroom that will dump any of the ACs that wishes to sell it off. Many of us think that costly goods are always good, but that is not the case as your need differs and is personalized. Go through this entire page to have a better idea about a good AC for your need.

Split AC or a Window Air Conditioner?

Decide well in advance which one your room will fit with? Split air conditioners are costlier but again never have a thought that they are most advanced than the split ACs. Split AC comes as 2 units, one that is fixed inside your room and the outdoor unit will be installed outside your house or apartment. Window AC comes as a single machine that gets fixed at the place of your window consuming much less than the actual window size. Though most of us are aware of these differences between Window and Split ACs, the reason for mentioning it here is to have better knowledge about your room or hall where you are intended to fix the air conditioner. On a rented house, the options will be less for a window Ac.

Window Air Conditioner

Windows Air Conditioning

The advantage of split AC is its size. Split ACs are smaller in size and less noisy however they are not as faster as Window ACs in cooling big rooms. Window air conditioners are not as compact as split ACs and they are noisier than split.

When choosing the air conditioner unit, do not just go for the showroom person’s advice. The advice might be good; however, it is all your choice. If the room size is small don’t go for bigger units considering you’ll get coolness soon forgetting about the electricity consumption. Go for bigger units only if you have a bigger room for AC installation.

Split Air Conditioner

Split AC the performs well and good

While choosing the capacity of the split AC for your home or office, it is better have the below table in mind that clearly explains how much TON is required to serve your room’s size. Multiply the units as per the size of your place.

Star Ratings of Air Conditioners

While you are prepared with all that you require before buying an AC it is also more important to look for the “Star Rating”. The efficiency of the air conditioner is based on the BTU (British Thermal Unit) and the star ratings (in India) are given by Bureau of Energy Efficiency. One can rely on the star ratings given by BEE but again it is based on your need. The more the star rating is the efficiency will be more and less electricity consumption. The maximum star is 5 which is the best and the efficiency will be comparatively less and electricity consumption will be more by 3 star rated or less rated ACs.

With all these important factors there is another final aspect to decide on purchase that is the price. A 5 star-rated air conditioner would definitely cost you more. Anyway, on the long run a high-rated AC will save you a lot of money on electricity bill. On the other end, a 3 star-rated air conditioner would cost you less but the electricity consumption including efficiency cannot be matched up with 5 star-rated ones.
If you are intended to have the AC for temporary purpose – on a transferable job or temporary location for a couple of months or years or if it is for your office that is temporary, a less star-rated AC would be fine if you are keen on spending money on air conditioner. The price would be less and you don’t have to consider much on electricity bills. For a permanent purpose for your home or office and 5 star-rated unit would be much advisable as it would save a lot of electricity cost and will have a high efficiency too.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Like any other product an air conditioner needs maintenance too but the reasons are strong comparing to other products. Maintaining an AC is not for the durability and efficiency of the unit but for your health too. The AC ducts should be cleaned periodically and properly to avoid any skin or breath related complications. Know more about duct cleaning process to maintain your AC effectively.


  1. Artham Sree Ramulu says

    I have two bed rooms in my house. size is 12′ x 10′ =120 sq.f. what type of AC is suitable for my house for long duration. whether I have to go for window AC or Split AC. I do not have time to search from web sites and calculations. Please suggest me to take immediate decision with your reply.

    • Indianist says

      For one bedroom of the size that you have mentioned – 1 ton AC is enough. Regarding the brand, as you have mentioned “long duration”, I would suggest either Bluestar or Daikin aircontioners. Split AC is the best if you don’t want to compromise. It is just a personal suggestion which doesn’t mean that other Airconditioners are not good. Thanks!

  2. Samual says

    “it is better have the below table in mind that clearly explains how much TON is required to serve your room’s size.”

    I just could not find the table. Has it been removed?

  3. Alberto Miller says

    Hello dear.You have written a great post. Going to share with my followers on twitter. Thanks for sharing.

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