How to Choose the Best and Cheapest Mediclaim Policy?

How to Choose the Best and Cheapest Mediclaim Policy?

A Mediclaim policy basically is a healthcare policy that covers the policyholder during hospitalization and medical conditions with certain limitations provided by the insurance provider. There are two aspects that you need to consider when it comes to Mediclaim policy.

The first question is what is the need of Mediclaim policy to you and the second question is how to choose and best and cheapest Mediclaim policy that suits your need.

A Mediclaim policy well helps you during your hospitalization, protecting you from against all financial crisis. The policy also allows you to access all modern medical facilities available within the limitation of your monetary boundary. Its easy to buy a mediclain policy from any insurance service provider of your choice i.e. any insurance company that provides mediclaim policy. A standard mediclaim policy will cover you against medicines, treatments, nursing, surgery and many more.

Choose the Best and Cheapest Mediclaim Policy

How to buy cheapest mediclaim policy:

There are various types of mediclain policies and plans exists in the insurance market. First you need to decide the amount of coverage you woudl require. Mediclaim policies are also there to provide cover for all your family members. Before chosing a policy you need to decide about how many of your family members you want to add to your plan. Study the market and all the plans carefully. During your research about the mediclaim policy, you need to consider the critical conditions. There are certain rules and regulations, which you have to follow before signing up any insurance policy, though the rules may differ from one insurance provider to another.

Normally, it is given that if the policyholder is 45 years of age or more, he or she has to undergo a general medical checkup which would be mandatory in certain cases which you can discuss in person with your insurance officer.

Mediclaim policy

One of the major factors of mediclaim policies is annual renewal. Most of the insurance companies offer their services based on the annual renewal. In order to take the complete benefits of an insurance plan, you must need to renew the policy periodically. If you have chosen a mediclaim policy that covers your family members, you should check your risk coverage after a regular interval.

Most importantly know the claim procedured of your mediclain policy clearly which you must be aware at an emergency period of your claim. Generally, insurance plan providers ask you all the related documents within 30 days of your claim. This is the reason why you need to always maintain the entire document in a separate file. These papers are important to get the facilities at the right moment. If you lose your mediclaim card, you cannot avail the facilities through your policy from any hospital. However, not all facilities can be availed in all the hospitals.

Choose the Best and Cheapest Mediclaim Policy

What are the Best Mediclaim policies in India: There are a number of healthcare providers in India, who offer affordable medicliam policy. Some of the notable names that provides cheap mediclaim plans are:

STAR Health Medi Classic: You can access more than 4200 hospitals With the STAR Health Medi Classic in the country. The policyholder can sign up for this plan additionally for tax benefits, if he pays off the monthly premium through credit card or check. The policyholder will get 5 to 25 percent discount on every yearly renewal.

IFFCO Tokio Individual Medishield: It covers not only an individual, but also the policyholders’ family. This plan provides hospitalization charges, nursing and specialist’s fees, extensive and modern treatment methods. The policyholder can avail tax reduction under this plan. The plan can cover people aged 5 to 55 years.

Choose the Best and Cheapest Mediclaim Policy

Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Policy: With this plan the policyholder can avail cashless facilities. If you insure your family with this plan, you can get 5 percent discount on your premium (Please make sure about the offers as they change from time to time). This plan also offer you tax benefits.


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