How to Control High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease

How Apple Controls Heart Diseases ?

Apple are of special value to heart patients. They are rich in potassium and phosphorus but low in sodium. From ancient times, apple with honey is considered a very effective remedy for functional disorders of heart. Recent researches by Dr. Elizabeth Barret-Cannor of California University have revealed that people who consume plenty of potassium through food items are likely to escape heart attacks. Apples, as a good source of potassium, help in the alleviation of heart disease.

How to Control High Blood Pressure ?

Apple are considered invaluable in the cases of high blood pressure. The apple diet has a rapid and considerable diuretic effect causing increased secretion of urine and thus bringing down blood pressure to normal. It also relieves the kidneys by reducing the supply of sodium chloride to a minimum In addition, it lowers the sodium level in the tissues because of the high level of potassium in apples.

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