How to “Delete” your Way2SMS Account? is a web-portal that gives access to all Indian mobile users to send unlimited SMS through their webpage to any national mobiles inside the country (India).

Here is the login page.

Many subscribers uses this service for various benefits like they can type a speedy message which is not possible on your mobile, you can send bulk messages, reminder messages and more other options. Other than that way2sms provides e-mail alerts on your mobile for your Yahoo and Gmail accounts if you set them right in your way2sms settings page under your account.

Delete your Way2SMS Account

To receive this e-mail alert, you can have a normal mobile with basic model that can receive just any SMS as your personal ones. High-end mobile users may not require this service as the option might be already available on your mobile but for basic users having the very basic mobile model can opt this service through by setting up the “Mail Alerts” section in your accounts section.

However, the mail alert option needs to be re-activated every 14-days time by logging in into your way2sms account.

Delete your Way2SMS Account

How to DELETE your account?

If you are a member on this website but want to discontinue from way2sms or you want to delete your account you don’t have any option inside your accounts or settings page. Instead send a e-mail to [email protected] mentioning your need.

Once you write a mail to this e-mail ID ([email protected]) asking to delete your account, you’ll be sent with 4 digit unique number to your mobile number. Using this you can delete or unsubscribe your account from the services of

Delete your Way2SMS Account

Though you can edit your account information and profile updates from inside your way2sms account, any specific edit that you might require can be done by sending an email to the same e-mail ID [email protected] specifying the info thoroughly.

Here is another information. If someone adds your mobile number permanently to their way2sms account to send messages to you, you’ll be notified by way2sms whether to add or not. If you are not sure about the person adding you, you can straight away reply to that message choosing unsubscribe or delete option that will be coming along with that message.

For more information and privacy policy of, please read their privacy policy page carefully.

Delete your Way2SMS Account


  1. snehal says

    delete my way2sms account

    • Indianist says

      Please give a mail to “[email protected]” following the instructions given here to get your account deleted. Or else provide your phone number to delete it instantly..

    • sathi paul says

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