How to Download YouTube Videos?

You may like to Download the videos that you watch online on YouTube, to store them in your hard-drive. There are softwares specifically that downloads YouTube videos for you. Don’t go for complicated procedures and downloading suspicious applications that might turn harm to your computer.

How to download videos from Youtube

Just download Real Player (its free) from the real player website here – If needed you can just type “Download Realplayer” on google and download the Realplayer on your computer.

Its done! Restart your browser and go to the video that you like on YouTube and just hover the mouse on the video and you’ll get see the download option on “Top Right Corner” of the video that says “Download This Video

Just click over there and download the videos that you like. You can download multiple videos at a time based on your Internet speed.

How to Download YouTube Videos?

Download Online TV Program Videos

Above, the video is not having Download option as RealPlayer is not installed in your computer.

YouTube Video Downloader

After installing RealPlayer in your computer, just hover the mouse on the video and the “Download This Video” option appears on top right corner. Click and download it to your computer.

How to Find Video in your system?

By default, once you click “Download” the video gets downloaded on this location unless you change the location as per your convenience.

C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\My Documents\My Videos\RealPlayer Downloads

Instead of going for any unknown softwares or applications having the risk of malwares and viruses, this is the safest method to download YouTube videos. You can play the downloaded videos in any player that you have and as you wish. This is not just for YouTube download but for any online videos to download them on to your hard-drive. Using this, you can download any online video like Online TV programs etc.


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