How to gain weight for your body | The Mango-Milk Secrets to stay Fit

If you’re looking for a change of pace from the everyday fruits of apples, oranges, and bananas, you must consider the mango. Mango is a brightly colored fruit that offers a totally different taste than what you’ve experienced before and is chalk full of good nutrition. While you may not be able to get this fruit year round like other fruits, when it is available you should definitely make good use of it.

Let’s have a quick look at the main nutritional information to know about mangoes.

Major Nutrients Found In Mango

Mangoes are very rich source of vitamin C, serving one cup provides over 75% of your total daily requirements. In addition to that mangoes are also loaded with vitamin C, offers a very small dose of calcium and are a good source of vitamin B6 and fiber as well.

Like any other fruit you won’t find all that much protein in mangoes, but you will find plenty of dietary fiber, which will help keep your hunger down after this nutrient rich snack.

The mango-milk cure is an ideal treatment for loss of weight. For this mode of treatment, ripe and sweet mangoes should always be selected. They should be taken thrice a day – morning, noon and evening. The mangoes should be taken first and then followed by milk. The mango is rich in sugar but deficient in protein. On the other hand, milk is rich in protein but deficient in sugar. The deficiency of the one is made up by the other. Mango thus combines very well with milk and exclusive mango-milk diet taken for at least one month, will lead to improvement in health, vigour and gain in weight. The quantity of milk and of the mangoes to be consumed in this mode of treatment should be carefully regulated according to the condition of the patient. For rapid gain in weight, about 4 to 5 litres of milk should be consumed with 3 to 4 kg. of mangoes.

Eat It With:

Mangoes can either be served on their own or mixed into a fruit salad. Some people also like adding this fruit into dessert dishes and the making is due to the sweet taste it has to offer.

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