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Stretch mark is the serious skin problem all most all women face after their pregnancy. As their belly gets enlarged during pregnancy and baby get out of womb the skin loses its elastic nature. This expansion and contraction of skin causes stretch marks. Skin gets shrunk after some period of time which leaves marks on skin which forms stretch marks. It is highly possible to get rid of stretch marks easily.

Care you body after Pregnancy

Stretch marks are caused by over stretching of dermis which is top most layer of our skin. Stretch marks are also caused when knocking out kilos. When a person loses weight, skin automatically loses its elasticity. Stretch marks appear mostly in the place of hip sides, belly region, thighs, and back side of the hip. It’s pretty easy to make stretch marks disappear from the skin sooner. Here are the great ways to get your old glowing skin back.

In the initial stages, stretch marks appear reddish pink and turns down into dark brown. It should be noticed and cured during the earlier stages itself.

Ingredients Required:

Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter:

Oily cocoa butter repairs stretch mark on skin faster. Massage your skin with cocoa butter or shea butter on the spots of stretch mark for about 3-4 times a day. This butter hydrates and moistures the skin layer. Cocoa butter helps to tighten the skin. It works out well in removing the stretch marks from the skin quickly.

Stretch Mark Creams:

Out of all treatment, stretch mark cream produces effective and evident results faster than natural methods. These creams never harm your skin. Many dermatologists themselves recommend stretch marks creams to beautify skin. They give firm and supple skin within a short period of time. These creams stimulate new cell productions and thereby disappears scaly marks from the skin.

Wheat Germ Oil:

In the early phase of stretch marks, wheat germ oil possibly prevents and cures the marks on the skin. Hence the stretch marks are to be identified in earlier stages. Wheat germ oil should be massaged on the marks to reduce the intensity of stretch marks.

Aloe Gel:

Aloe gel has lot of wondrous curative properties. It repairs stretch marks in a safe and natural way. Gel works in cell regeneration that removes marks on the skin. But aloe gel treatment to skin should be used continuously to attain desired result faster.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil benefits more to skin’s health. Massage your stretch marked skin with extra-virgin olive oil. Get your skin perfectly nourished of all the goodness of olive oil. It’s rejuvenates skin and energizes by functioning deep into the tissues.

Glycolic Acid:

Glycolic acid can be used to treat stretch marked skin problem only after prior consultation from dermatologist. It secretes more collagen production. As it is a high dose treatment, it requires expert’s advice. It is quite expensive and yields good results.

These above said procedures will help to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy. The above treatment is only for stretch marks due to pregnancy and it is highly advised not to following during pregnancy and nursing mothers.

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