How to Impress a Girl : 10 Simple Rules

Many people find it difficult to approach a girl or to start a conversation with girl. Boys usually go through many magezines to cope up with this problem, but the answer never seems easy.

Impress a girl.








Just keep in mind this 10 simple rules to impress a girl.

Rule no. 1: Be confident but not over confident. Women likes confident men but not people with show offs. Never show your power of money or any such thing which makes women avoid you. If you have it they can see it so don’t be obnoxious about what you have.

Rule no. 2: Have a sense of humor. Life is too short to be serious all time, so crack some funny jokes or be humorous. Most women love men who can make them laugh.

Rule no. 3: Keep it clean. Here we are talking about hygiene. Keep yourself clean and tidy. Most women like men who smell good and look clean.

Rule no. 4: Ask questions, but not too many. Just be straight forward establishing respectful boundaries. You can ask them how they are feeling, or how their day went etc.

Rule no. 5: Talk about family. Share about your family relating how many brothers or sisters you have, regarding their qualifications and so on. Also ask about her family in conversation. It makes them feel safe.

Rule no. 6: Do not speak bad. Never insult anyone while talking to her or never say bad about anyone. it makes them feel insecure on their side. Don’t even use bad words while talking to her. It lowers your reputation.

Rule no. 7: Keep your eyes on the face. Men who look at women like eye candy rarely impress girls.

Rule no. 8: Be a good listener. Always show interest in whatever she is saying. Even if it seems boring, never interrupt in between. One of the best ways to impress girls is to make them feel important.

Rule no. 9: Do not be over emotional. Crying in a movie on your first date do not impress girls. It is important to be sensitive, but sensitive is not the same as emotional.

Rule no. 10: Be in constant touch. Be in contact everyday, not once or twice a week. Make a call just to say hello. It brings positivity in relationship.

It does not take much to impress a girl. Keeping a mature attitude, and paying attention to social cues can help you along. And lastly demand mutual respect,i.e. give respect and take respect.

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