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Many have got hand full of bank loans and got struck in CIBIL due to improper loan repayment losing the eligibility to take any further loans. This could lead you to go for emergency loans from informal institutions or individuals for much higher interest rates which will burden your financial situation. Here is the detailed report on how to improve your CIBIL score 100 percentage.

How to Increase the CIBIL Score

How to Improve the CIBIL Score?

Before knowing how to improve your CIBIL score, it is more important as a preliminary step to check your existing CIBIL score. Pay Rs. 450 to the CIBIL department by enclosing a copy of any one of the following to know your CIBIL score and further to know whether any unpayed loans exists on your name without your knowledge and all such details.

Enclose any one of these details:

Father’s Name
Date of Birth
Telephone Numbers and PAN Number
Drivers License Number
Voter’s ID Card or
Passport Number

The CIBIL Score

CIBIL gives score from 300 to 900 points to each individual. One who applies for a new loan having availed a loan earlier and if he still has a score of above 800 points, his loan application will be given with a green signal and will be through for perusal & approval.

If the score is between 700 to 800, your documents will be checked by the financial companies / banks to approve a loan. If the score is between 600 to 700 then you’ll be put for a severe check and if the applicant proves that he does not have any mistake from his end, he has the possibility to get a loan. However, if the score is below 600 the applicant’s loan request will be rejected without any questions or verifications. These applicants will not get loan from any banks.

If the applicant’s score certificate has NA or NH in it then it indicates that the loan applicants are new for any loan. Which means that they have not taken any loan during the past 2 years time period. For these new applicants, loan will be provided immediately.

If the CIBIL Score sheet has either “XXX” or DPD (Days Past Dues) in it, there is no worry as it indicates that this person has been repaying the loan promptly.

Reasons for Decrease in CIBIL Score

The score will decline if the loan repayment has not been made in the stipulated time or in the stipulated installment.

If you repay the credit card loan with minimum payment and repay the rest in several installments, you may be exempted from any penalty but the credit scores will fall instantly. During the installment period, your score will keep declining month after month.

If your house loan or car loan is higher than your personal loan then your score will not be affected. If the non-pledged loan (eg. Personal loan) is higher than the pledged loan (eg. Housing Loan), then your score will be affected more. For example – if your total loan amount is Rs. 25 lakhs out of which credit card is Rs. 2 lakhs, non-pledged loan Rs. 12 lakhs, car loan Rs. 2 lakhs and house loan Rs. 9 lakhs then the credit score will be less. This is because only 44% of your total loan is pledged loan and the rest 56% is non-pledged loan (i.e. personal loan and credit card loan). So, if you minimize the personal loan and credit card loan the credit score will remain good. You can get benefited by availing house loan and car loan to a maximum of 75% to 80%.

If you want to take a house loan, it is better to select just one bank with low interest and apply only to that bank. If you apply to five or six banks at a time and when all the banks start to enquire on your name for verification it might give a chance and lead to lessen your credit score. After taking a loan, allow at least 4 to 6 months time before applying for the next loan.

As much as possible try not to sign in as a “guarantor” for others, which is good. Even if the applicant for whom you have signed as “guarantor” has not paid the loan, there are possibilities for your credit score get affected. This will lead to declining your loan requests by banks.

When will you NOT get a loan

You might have got loan and upon non-payment of that loan, you might have negotiated with the bank for a less amount settlement or waving off the entire amount. In this case, your CIBIL score sheet show this as “Written-off” or “Settled” – this will lead to add your name in the “Black List” for the next seven years. On this situation, even for your basic needs you will not have any little chance to avail any loan of any amount.

Five Important Conditions to Improve your Credit Score

If you want to get a good credit score in CIBIL and want to maintain a better status, follow these five important rules.

1. Pay your EMI before the date of deadline not waiting till the last moment.

2. It is good to repay your credit card payment “completely”. Don’t pay the minimum charges and repay the rest in installments.

3. Avoid taking non-pledged loans or personal loans.

4. If you have more number of credit cards, surrender all the cards having just two with you and use it only for little amounts.

5. Don’t apply for house loans or car loans to more than one bank at a time.

This is how you improve your CIBIL score responsibly. If you follow all these above instructions and conditions for 24 months time, even if your score is at 300, there are better chances that your credit score would raise up and go to 800.


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