How to Kiss ?

Days have gone to think kissing as a personalized expression or something vulgar. Now, the modern society has been molded with the kiss as a socializing factor. Developed societies have been expressing their love with a gentle kiss. However, the way one expresses his or her feeling differs from person to person. Beyond intimacy, the gentle kiss is part of culture in many societies. Though it is said to be Western, it is being adopted everywhere with an acceptance.

Knowing about how to initiate or react to kiss will definitely knowledge a person with two good things. First, do not see kissing as a personal factor and know how to kiss while you socialize. Don’t get embarrassed when you receive it during a get-together or when you need respond someone after a kiss.

How to Make a Kiss?

The following three questions can be answered when you want to know about “How to Kiss?”

  • How to kiss or respond kiss to a guest?
  • Is it wrong to kiss someone without being in a relationship?
  • If a stranger asked for a kiss would you let him/her?

How to do Kiss or Respond a Kiss from a Guest?

Whether you are a guy or girl, what if you need to kiss a guest or respond? If you were the first person to receive a kiss, you might already have the clue. Responding the similar way would be better and will be the right etiquette. However, if you are not comfortable with a kiss, you can always extended your hands to request for a hand shake.

In case, if you need to initiate to greet a guest. It is always better and decent to offer an “double air kiss” or which is sometimes called as “Hollywood Kiss”. The double air kiss is nothing but touching both the cheeks alternatively and kissing in the air. This could be the comfortable way of kissing to greet a guest which makes them feel comfortable too.

Is it Wrong to Kiss someone without being in a Relationship?

Looking at the above question the answer is probably, Yes! Yet, the question can be viewed from a social perspective from the society and environment you live in. The simple answer or opinion would be that a kiss can be shared between two persons to socialize and if that can be shared in the public without creating a difference of opinion in others. In a personal relationship, there is no rules and it is not discussed here.

As said in the first point, a kiss or expression of pleasure can be done the way you feel comfortable. Girls or women could be too sensitive about their comfort level. The way of your expression shouldn’t discomfort anyone or your opposite personality.

If a Stranger asked for a Kiss would you let Him/Her?

Being a stranger the definitive answer would be “No”, again. A kiss doesn’t end in seconds if you think so. As it has become a gesture among other socializing aspects, it expresses your personality. A kiss would probably speak out your vibration. It expresses your thought of welcoming or saying bye as well.

If you come across a situation where you meet a stranger and needs a kiss, a genuine “No” through your eyes would be a better answer and you can always extended your hands to request for a hand shake. Even a hand-shake would be required only in a comfortable zone.

To sum up the topic on etiquette of kissing

, probably, the proper etiquette is while inviting the greeting or in a leaving gesture react it with confidence, but with an eye on how your gesture is being received and adjust it as necessary. It is becoming necessary to know how to kiss.

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