How to neatly clean a Diamond Ring?

Sparkling is the unique factor of diamond which comes natural with it and that is the beauty of it. However, if you are wish to keep your diamond ring ever sparkling as the day you have bought it, the diamond ring has to be cleaned periodically.

Not too often, but follow the safe and quick methods to keep them clean and sparkling. First have the following items with you which is not hard to find at home. You will need, a tea-spoon full of ammonia, dishwashing liquid, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a towel (of course, a neat & clean towel).

neatly clean a Diamond Ring

Now, as a first step, take warm water in a bowel and mix a tea-spoon of ammonia in it. Keep your diamond ring in this mixture for about 20 mins approximately.

Second step is to take it out after 20 minutes and brush it out with brussels. Cleaning it once, clean it properly on the diamond and the ring completely.

Now, add a little tooth paste on the brush and scrub the ring again thoroughly and gently.

neatly clean a Diamond Ring

Finally, rinse the ring with warm water thoroughly. Take it out and keep on the towel and let it to dry. You are done. The diamond will sparkle as good as a new one. You can see it by yourself. During the cleaning process, you can use a glove if you are dipping your hand inside the ammonia mixed warm water, for the safety of your skin.

Clean the diamond ring periodically following the above methods so as to keep your valuable diamond in its original looks. Sparkling is beautiful and it is too good when it comes out from a clean one. Isn’t it?

neatly clean a Diamond Ring


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