How to Obtain a Fiance Visa USA | Procedures and Methods

An American citizen who is about to marry a non-resident American woman will begin to search for fiancé visa USA. A visa is required to get into any country and the procedures to get a visa will vary for every country. There are many types of visa available in US. Let us see the types and purpose of different visas available in USA.

Procedures to Get Fiance Visa USA

Fiance Visa USA


  • K1 Fiancé visa: This visa is needed when the fiancé of an us citizen wants to immigrate to the USA
  • CR/K3 spouse visa: This visas are necessary for the spouse of an US citizen to settle in the USA
  • K2 child visa: This K2 child visa is necessary to bring the child or children of your fiancée. No additional fee will be collected to add the child or children name on the k1 Fiancé visa
  • K4 child visa: This visa is issued to your spouse’s child or children and a minimal fee of only $100 to us and a $420 government fee will be collected to conduct the process

    When anyone wants to bring their fiancée or spouse to immigrate to USA, look out for the visas very carefully. Because, there are visas like a B visitor visa which will allow their spouse to only visit USA and will have to return to their original motherland after the visit. This CR marriage visa is the visa responsible for their fiancée to permanently settle in USA or immigrate to visa. There are many visas which are non-immigrant visas. Hence, while buying the US visa application look out for the type of visa very carefully. If anyone enters USA on a CR visa, they will not face the situation of departing US by the future. But there are many rules and regulations to qualify this CR visa. Let’s see what are they?

  • The petitioner who apply this CR visa must be either a US citizen or a permanent resident green card holder
  • The couple must be a legally wedded one and should not indulge in fraud
  • Each one of the couple must be eligible to marry. Eligible in the sense, the couple should see to that they don’t have any earlier marriage relationship at the time of applying this visa and in case if they have one, will have to immediately terminate it
  • Same sex marriages or bigamous marriages are not recognized according to the US immigration laws.
  • The couple should be above the age of 16 and if anyone is under 18 will have to seek the consent of their respective parent.
  • The couple have to personally demonstrate that their relationship is sincere in front of authorities
  • The US citizen or permanent resident must meet the income guidelines set by the US government
  • Your fiancé must have met the fiancée in person within the previous two years
  • Your fiancée should not have any criminal records
  • There should not be any case (in court) on fiancée about violating certain U.S. immigration laws
  • How long will it take to obtain a fiancée visa?

    One cannot be certain about the time period of how much time the US Embassy will take to issue the fiancé visa. It may vary depending upon the country which your fiancée resides. Generally, the process should not exceed 3-4 months if the application is a perfect. If you appoint an attorney to handle your visa process, make sure that your attorney has the knowledge and talent to solve any problems that may arise from the Embassy. It will be best if you handle your visa process. You may do it under the guidance of any attorney and don’t be totally dependent on your attorney.

    Reason for denial of service:

    Though thousands of genuine petitions filed with the USCIS (former INS) every year, approximately only 60% of the application succeeds in getting the fiancée visa. The reason why this figure is low is that many of the process are terminated and are not denied. As it will take a long time to issue this fiancée visas, either the fiancée or the U.S. fiancé terminate the process due to several problems between them. Hence the timing is very essential in issuing this fiancée visa.

    Best way to approach the fiancé visa (USA) () process:

    There are many ways to approach this fiancée visa process and here are listed some:

  • You can handle the paperwork yourself: With the help of the fiancée visa kit, you and your fiancée may fill out all the documents by yourself and send it to USCIS and wait for the results.
  • You can use a “fiancée visa service” to help you: In this process, you will have to hire someone to fill out the documents for you and your fiancée then send it to USCIS and wait for the results. In this case, if a problem or delay occurs, the person you hired cannot represent before the immigration and naturalization service or with the appropriate U.S. Embassy. Hence, appointing attorneys on behalf of you will create problems and thus try to avoid this fiancée visa service at the most. Especially, do not hire an overseas agency. Remember, fiancée visas are processed according to the U.S. laws and not to the country laws your fiancée is residing. “Foreign Agents” outside the U.S. are mostly not trusted and thus it will be wise to stay away from such agents.
  • You can hire a U.S. immigration law firm that specializes in fiancée visas: Though this is a very expensive process, you may do this if you want your fiancée to join you in the U.S. very soon. Through hiring this U.S. immigration firm, you may avoid the troubles, delays, investigations or denials which will make it easy for you in getting the fiancée visa. When you are hiring any firm, make sure that the firm has enough knowledge and experience to handle your matter and most importantly in a timely manner, since timing is very essential for you to get your visa.
  • Hence just filling the U.S. visa application won’t do any good but it needs a very wide knowledge about the process required to obtain your fiancée visa. Therefore, be very careful in undergoing each and every step of your process and get a very good help which will help you to finish up the process fast and without trouble.

    You can download the application in the following website: You could also find out more information on about fiancé visa USA.


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