How to prevent Touch Screen smudge attacks.

Nowadays Pattern Lock is much trendy in touch screen gadgets. But, it can be at your own risk as the pattern code can be easily revealed and anybody can operate your phone or view your personal stuff.

Hold your gadget up to the light and you will be shocked to see the finger grease, and it’s an easily exploited hint regarding what your password or pin might be. So be careful and don’t become a victim of smudge attack.

Could Smudges on Touchscreen

Tips to prevent from Smudge attack.

1. Firstly be careful that your hands or fingers are not oily while operating the gadget, clean your hands before use.

2. It is advisable to clean your screen after every use.

 prevent Touch Screen smudge attacks

3.  Using a pin code password instead of pattern lock reduces the chances of such threat.

4. Don’t choose a 4-digit PIN (if you use the PIN option) so it’s what most attackers will try. Instead use a 6-digit PIN where two of the digits are used twice, the attack space becomes quite challenging.

 prevent Touch Screen smudge attacks

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