How to Speak English Fluently | Successful Tips

English is a simple language of twenty six letters making massive amount of words and framing variety of sentences out of it. English is a language which people from different corners still desire to achieve. Many deserving candidates lose job opportunities because of their vernacular accent. Speaking English fluently is an art and can be easily achieved by inculcating certain practices regularly. Practice only makes what you’re practicing permanent. Learning English can be a fun and positive experience.

Here are some suggestions that help you to prove yourself by practicing them regularly.

Smart Ways to Speak English Fluently

Know Your Language

First and foremost step to practice English is to start learning with simple words. Make a list of frequently used words learn their meanings, their pronunciations, and understanding their usage. Using these words try to construct simple sentences like what is your name? How are you? I am going to sleep etc., this will help you to feel how real English sentences are formed when speaking. Correct your sentences with the help of dictionaries, books or by other sources. Read aloud in English for15-20 minutes every day. Be sure to completely immerse yourself in the language.

Ideal Practice In Grammar

Speaking English without correct grammatical usage makes native speakers to have a hard time understanding you. So ideal practice with grammatical is essential for English fluency. To speak good English you need to focus on conversing rather than just memorizing grammatical rules, this might be strange but works. Studying grammar will slow you down and may confuse you because you will think about the rules when constructing sentences instead of naturally speaking like a native speaker.

Learning phrases and understanding their usage is as important as you learn vocabulary because trying to put too many words only with vocabulary cannot create a proper sentence without phrases

Utilize a Variety of Sources

Use dictionary to familiarize yourself with the phonetic, meanings and the correct pronunciation of words. Read books about any subject of your interest read it leaf by leaf and are sure to look out for new words and phrases. Forums are a great source of information. Reading forums exposes you to a lot of phrases and their usage. Read English fiction novels of your choice.

Observe the mouth movements of those who speak English well to sketch the intonation and rhythm of their speech. Watch English films, listen English music and English news. Reading and listening is not enough practice speaking what you hear. Sit to chat with pals who are good in English. Feel free to clarify your doubts your friend may correct you this helps you to develop your conversation skills. Choose right materials to practice. If you practice the incorrect sentence you will perfectly say the sentence incorrectly. So it is better to practice with the material that is commonly used by most peoples.

Experience Your Style

Think” in English. Think in English then you construct sentences in your mind before saying them. Thinking in your own mother tongue then translates it to English and then speaking them will result in flawed English sentence. Do not translate the words into English from your mother tongue the order of words will be completely different. Pay special attention in Pronounce the ending of each word. Slow down your speech until you learn the correct intonation and rhythm of English. Record your own voice and listen for the style of pronunciation.

Prove Yourself

Training yourself to speak in English by inculcating certain practices daily will get you closer to sound like a native English speaker and equip you with a perfect global accent. Speaking in English comfortably and perfectly makes you to prove yourself.

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