How to Stay in Shape and Fit for Women

Everybody desire to have fit and fine body. Weight loss and fitness are not one and the same. Keeping your body fit is something good and also makes you feel good of your personal appearance. Simply losing weight will not make you fit and shape. Here are tips to Stay in Shape and fit which will help to remain in perfect posture.

Woman body shape

Morning Drink:

Get start your day fresh and load your body with good stamina by sipping morning drink. Energize your body naturally with a cup of warm green tea. It will stabilize your body and keeps you healthy. Take a morning drink after you get ready for your exercising.

Smart Exercises:

Stick with good physical exercises which can keep your body in shape. Practice any 5 body shaping exercises along with your fitness maintaining workouts. Any 1 physical works out like Walking, jogging, cycling etc should be performed everyday for half an hour. Never over-exercise it will cause many health issues. Exercising routinely makes your body perfect fit and gives good shape.

Healthy Breakfast:

Never skip breakfast you will put on more weight. Morning breakfast should be healthy to meet your whole day activities. Eat right breakfasts which give your body more energy. Choose your breakfast like, any one seasonal fruit, glass of milk, 2 slices of brown bread, 2 crunchy almonds, raisins and a boiled egg.

Nutritious Lunch:

Add more raw or boiled veggies in your diet especially fiber content vegetables. Rich fibers easily burn out bad fats and also keep your tummy full for long time. It will also decrease your excessive appetite. Along with that take 2 oil-free rotis to compensate with carbs in other food stuffs. Drink any fruit juice or buttermilk to keep your body cool.

Evening Drink:

Drinking any beverage drink like cardamom tea, clove tea, ginger tea or any other herbal warm drinks re-energize your body. Sip your evening drink in the mid-evening every day. It will give you good freshness to carry out your remaining tasks.

Light Dinner:

Always a light dinner is suggested as you don’t exert more energy while you sleep. Take your dinner early so that you can avoid indigestion problems and snoring problems. Drink a cup of warm milk and few desert dates an hour before you set to sleep. Your body will get rich fusion of calcium and iron nutrients which gains you better immunity power.

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